East Allen Township has been awarded a grant from the disbanded Northampton County Gaming Authority in the amount of $31,440, leaving East Allen supervisors with a decision to make on where to allocate the funds.

These funds can be used on nearly everything, from “mental health projects to building projects,” said township manager Brent Green during supervisors’ June 13 meeting. Restrictions, he added, are very few.

Some supervisors requested possible security cameras at Bicentennial Park, following the ransacking of several cars during a recent sporting event.

The township will distribute letters to the other township boards and commissions, asking for ideas. The funds can be split and used toward multiple projects. The township has until May 2019 to spend the money.

In addition to the discussion on grant funds during the meeting, supervisors also passed a draft resolution that would ban nepotism for township employees. Anyone hired by the township will not be allowed to request the employment of spouses, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, or any other direct relatives.

Finally, Ambulance Corps Captain Jon Kopishke and President Justine Huber delivered a presentation about the township’s EMS department. The department currently has 32 operational members, most of whom live in other municipalities.

“That says a lot about the community, that people want to volunteer here,” said Kopishke.

Kopishke highlighted exciting events impacting the EMS. He said an upcoming Discovery Channel television series, “Master at Arms,” was filmed over the course of a month in East Allen Township, which the EMS team participated in. He also said they will be helping film another Discovery Channel series in a few weeks.

He added that the EMS will be on duty at Willow Brook Farm’s upcoming rodeo, and will also be delivering first aid training to the township’s summer camp counselors.

However, Kopishke also listed some struggles the ambulance corps is having, including operational costs, aging equipment, and volunteer availability.

Despite this, Kopishke sees a bright future.

“We have a lot of very dedicated people,” he said.


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