Jude and Mayra Chartier of 760 Andres Rd. in Bath presented their plans for the home therapy business they will be running out of their home to the Moore Township Zoning Hearing Board on Wednesday, Dec. 5. The board allowed the Chartier’s to run through their plans to ensure they are abiding by the rules and regulations of the township. This business will promote relaxation through reiki practices, meditation, and salt walls. Jude Chartier told the board that no alterations would be done within the home for this business. The concern the Planning Commission had in regards to customer parking was discussed. The Chartiers mentioned they would be able to control the traffic coming in and out of their driveway by way of appointment scheduling. Mayra does not need a license to practice her holistic business and has assured the Zoning Hearing Board the business is already registered with the state of Pennsylvania. The Chartiers were informed they would not be allowed to sell any products out of their home unless they were developed on the property. The Zoning Hearing Board and Solicitor Thomas Caffrey have granted the Chartiers special consideration for the home therapy business with two conditions: no more than two cars an hour with appointments and “halo” therapy is the only business that can be run out of this home. All other businesses are prohibited.

Brian Collins of 2971 Pheasant Dr. in Northampton approached the Zoning Hearing Board about his plans to construct a new garage on his property. There is currently a 20×30 garage there that he plans to replace. The garage will not be located in the same exact “footprint” as the last one but would be fairly close. Collins wants the new garage to be farther away from Dannersville Road, which creates a greater front yard setback than the last garage. The question for the board was whether this project falls under “special consideration” or if a variance must be granted. Due to the foundation and footers of the garage being moved during the reconstruction process, the project requires a variance. Special consideration was denied, and a variance was granted for the front yard setback.

Aqua America Pennsylvania presented their plans to replace two water tanks at the Christian Springs and Evanwood Station properties. The current water tanks do not meet the updated property requirements and will need to increase in size. Evanwood requires an expansion to 15,000 gallons and Christian Springs to 20,000 gallons. The tanks will also be moved from belowground to above. Due to the dimensions needed for these tanks, the setback requirements of the township cannot be met. They requested that a variance be granted for the side yard setbacks. A variance was granted for the setbacks. The Zoning Hearing Board said an 8 ft. high fence must be installed around the tanks at Evanwood and Christian Springs and any trees cut down during construction must be replanted by Aqua Pennsylvania.

The next Zoning Hearing Board meeting will be held Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 7 p.m.


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