Residents of Carol Lane in Moore Township are outraged at the township’s decision to place a commercial “NO DUMPING” sign by their homes. These residents have been placing their leaves on a strip of grass across the street. “We thought we were doing the road crew a favor,” one of the residents explained. By placing all the leaves on the strip, the road crew would only have to make one stop. Unfortunately, that idea backfired when multiple individuals called the borough building to complain about the leaves being placed on the strip. The township took immediate action and put up the “NO DUMPING” sign. One of the residents angrily said, “We pay our taxes and we want that sign gone! Do you realize what this does to the value of our homes?” Another added, “Why didn’t you just tell us to stop putting the leaves there?” They claim that they would have stopped if they were just told ahead of time. Daniel Piorkowski, chairman of the board of supervisors, apologized to the residents for the way the situation was handled and agreed they should have been informed. David Shaffer, vice chairman of the board of supervisors, compromised by suggesting that the sign only be put in place during the fall season before the situation be reassessed. The residents were appreciative of the compromise and the situation was temporarily settled.

Zoning Hearing Board member, Jeffrey Ayers, approached the board of supervisors to explain his recent request for State Representatives Zach Mako and Marcia Hahn. Ayers suggested to Mako and Hahn that there be a bill put in place that prohibits certain individuals from carrying weapons on the Moore Township Borough Building property. Ayers feels that only those authorized should be allowed to carry. With his 10 years being a part of the Zoning Hearing Board, Ayers has run into numerous occasions where individuals have made threats and lashed out on the property- putting everybody in danger. Representatives of Mako and Hahn explained that the legality of this will be looked into before any further action is taken.

A $2200 check and proper paperwork is due before a survey and other project plans are completed with the Schiavone Property. A motion was made to make the payment and submit the paperwork in order to continue with the project.

The Historical Commission is grateful for the 1800s crib donation made by the Beersville Hotel. They are looking for items to use in the Edelman Schoolhouse when the project is complete. The walls of the schoolhouse are scheduled to be plastered in January.

The request to drop the speed limit on Rinker Road to 25 mph has been approved. Four speed limit signs will be put in place and Lehigh Township will be contacted to discuss dropping their portion of Rinker Road to 25 mph.

The Recreational Center has been shut down and cleaned up for the season. Water is planned to be shut off soon.

The 2019 budget for Moore Township is ready and open to the public. There will be no tax increases for Moore Township. Township council members will meet on December 27 at 6 p.m. to pay any left over bills from 2018.

For the month of November, the Klecknersville Rangers Volunteer Fire Company responded to 31 fire calls with 221 man-hours recorded. Five were for fires, seven motor vehicle accidents, one fire police, four automatic fire alarms, two ambulance assistance, and eight mutual aid calls. They also responded to 48 ambulance calls with 192 man-hours recorded. They participated in 245 man-hours of fire and ambulance training as well.

The Planning Commission meeting scheduled for December 24 has been cancelled.


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