The Moore Township Historical Commission voted on officer positions for 2019. Charmaine Bartholomew will serve as chairman, Helene Mery as vice chairman and Bob Vasile will serve as secretary.

The board discussed markers that will be placed out front of 15 historical school houses in the township. The markers will list the date the school was opened, when it closed, the original name of the school, and a short description.

Dick Gable mentioned that Community Days will be happening again this year. Plans for the event are in the works. The historical commission will discuss more about how they will contribute to the event this year.

The Edelman Schoolhouse continues making progress. The walls inside the schoolhouse have been plastered by Greg Check. Check will be working on the schoolhouse ceiling along with priming and sealing the floors. Windows will be installed inside the school soon.

The board discussed whether or not there will be an Oktoberfest this fall. No decision has been made.


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