During the Nazareth Borough workshop meeting on Thursday, March 28, members decided to form a committee to determine what to do with the borough park’s outdoor amphitheater. The large, white cement structure that sits at the bottom of the notorious sleigh riding hill has been left unused for many years and has fallen to disrepair and vandalism. The facility was built in an era when the people of the community would walk to the park with lawn chairs and blankets to see various events held outside. Since its creation, the town’s population has increased significantly and the park has been renovated to keep up with the city’s evolving needs. The newer grandstand with a covered stage and bench seating is located by the pool and is the structure that is now used primarily for outdoor events, leading the council members to question what the next purpose, if any, the older building will have.

The council voted on Monday night to approve signage for their meeting place. The historic building, located at Church and Center Streets, has no physical address or identifying markers, making it difficult not only for townspeople to locate, but visitors as well. Council decided it was time to adorn their meeting place with a placard, distinguishing it as the official Nazareth City Council Chambers. The sign is being designed by local artist and business owner, Jason Nale. Nale, who has been in business since 2005, is the proprietor of the Nazareth Sign Company, located at 6 S. Broad St., and has done numerous projects for the city previously.

Council will be seeking grant money to assist with the cost of a new covered pavilion to be built in the borough park next year. The new structure will have electric power and bathrooms and will be an added feature to the popular recreation area.

Council members have also decided to pursue grant money for additional flashing speed signs for heavily traveled Nazareth area roads. The Chief of Police, Randall Miller, explained that having the signs will not only assist with safer driving speeds, but will relieve them of having to post officers at such locations.


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