During their meeting on Thursday, July 25, East Allen Township supervisors discussed the progress, or in their opinion, lack of progress at Regency at Creekside Meadows, a Toll Brothers development on Route 512.

Developers requested a reduction in their site improvements security of $410,929.95 and a reduction in their road improvements security of $606,657.75.

However, supervisors suspended their decision on this request, frustrated by what they see is a lack of progress at the development.

“This project should be further along,” said Supervisor Roger Unangst. “I would not want to take it over.”

Unangst said that the land could never be reverted back to farmland. Should the developers abandon the property, the township would be left to finish the job.

“There are no plans on ever making the township do development,” said Unangst.

Supervisors asked Hanover Engineering to inspect the property before deciding whether the security money should be released.

In other news, the township will be submitting an application for a multimodal grant to help improve parking at Jacksonville Park. The $375,000 grant will help pay for a new parking lot, a trail connection, and speed detection signage.

The township would have to match the grant with $56,250. However, Manager Brent Green says the township’s developer escrow should be able to cover “80 percent” of that match.

Supervisors also heard the waiver request for Longevity Coatings, a protective coatings business on Adams Lane off Airport Road.

The business is looking to build a 5,000 square-foot addition to hold refurbished materials until they can be picked up by clients.

The business’s owners are hoping to change the plan from a land development plan to a site plan, which would be solely conducted and approved by the township’s zoning officer. The main reasoning for this request, business owners say, is that there will be no increase to impervious coverage.

Supervisors asked that the business drop existing impervious coverage by as much as possible and designate a secondary septic area. On these conditions, they would be open to granting the request.

Supervisors asked Hanover Engineering to draft the motion, which they will vote on during their next meeting.

Finally, it was announced that an extension was granted through September 30 for a curative amendment hearing between the township and Rock Lehigh Valley in regards to a warehouse project at Willowbrook and Weaversville Roads.

Green said he believes that a hearing will be held in September. Neighboring property owners will be notified and signs will be posted on the property announcing the hearing date.


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