For my second installment, Dorothy Propokovich and Scott Rabenold greeted me at their small shop to learn about their walk of life. Their business is called D&S Florist Shop and Dorothy explained she is a first-time shop owner. After working at a medical office for several years while making flower arrangements from home, she decided to pursue her interest and started working for a floral company in Allentown. She then went on to establish her shop at its current location. Dorothy said she’s happy to have chosen the Bath Borough as the home for her business. She also gave a shoutout to landlords Darrin and Carol Heckman for being so supportive.

Dorothy stated she found what fulfills her, an example that corroborates the saying that you should do what you feel passionate about. “I love to see people’s reactions when I do deliveries. I like to see them smile. In a world surrounded by so much negativity, you get to brightens someone’s day,” she explained with a smile on her face. Dorothy said she and her fiancé Scott complement each other. While she’s the expert in flowers, Scott is the expert in live plants. Scott is a Disc Jockey and another way in which the couple complements each other is by offering their services as a package. Clients get Scott’s music entertainment half price when they contract Dorothy’s floral services. Dorothy has provided decorations for many weddings and anniversaries, among many other occasions. Speaking of weddings, after six years together Dorothy and Scott are taking their vows in July 2020. Best wishes to them!

Among Dorothy’s top favorite flowers are roses. She likes the countless variations and colors available. Also making the list are peonies because of their sophisticated look and hydrangeas because they are foolhardy. The business owner explained she has always liked decorating with flowers and believes her talent comes natural. Items available from other family-run businesses include Eve’s Angels Candles, 6 Cats Soaps & Scrubs, and home décor from Lori’s Primitive Country Plus, adding to the variety found at D&S Florist Shop. Expect more, as Dorothy mentioned she will expand the shop’s selection to include honey products, truffles and more. She explained that in addition to the Internet clientele she receives through a partnership with, she would like more people from the community to be aware they can come to her shop for their flower and gifts needs. Some exciting dates coming up for D & S Florist Shop are the ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, August 10, a series of Candle Making Workshops begins on August 17, and on August 24 during the Spuds and Suds Festival, Dorothy will be selling floral headpieces for the festivity. Mums of all colors will arrive in September.

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