If you’re looking for a new experience and something creative to do in the growing genre of instructor led DIY and have a sweet tooth, Camp Cake is your next destination.

Nestled amongst the dark brick storefronts on Main Street in Nazareth is the answer to all things sweet and playful, where messes are not only expected but encouraged and the only requirement to participate is your imagination.

Camp Cake is the brainchild of first time business owner Tera Burnett. After years of successfully baking cakes for private customers, Tera saw a need for something different in the “event horizon.” A mom and grandmother several times over, she knew that everyone loved decorating cakes, but what they didn’t love was all the preparation time and cleaning up afterwards. It was the thought of providing an environment for stress-free fun where parents and children could enjoy their time together learning something new that inspired her. Encouraged by her friends, family and loyal customers, Tera took the leap into the public eye and hasn’t looked back.

“I pulled the things I loved out of the things I love to do!” said the cake maestro enthusiastically.

She calls her confectionery a “DIY cake decorating studio.” Participants can choose from three flavors for their cakes/cupcakes: vanilla, chocolate or funfetti and from there, the possibilities are endless. There is an entire wall dedicated to toppings and adornments. Sprinkles, candy, edible spray paint, Saturday morning cereal favorites, along with fondant and accompanying cookie cutters can all be used to create your masterpiece.

Currently, the most popular event held by the new studio is the “Unicorn Party.” The space can seat 20 people and tickets are sold to reserve spots. Tera provides the cakes or cupcakes and bagged icing (all made by her, with love) and then leads the group on the magical journey of learning how to decorate a unicorn cake. There are unicorn horns to wear, games to play and music to be enjoyed with no restraints or guilt for spilt sprinkles and smeared icing on the floor. And what about the mess afterwards, you ask? Leave that up to Tera. Guilt-free chaos. No clean up. Who could ask for more?

As of now, the entrepreneur has themed parties and open studio times where you can select a 6-inch cake ($20) or four cupcakes ($12) to adorn with three toppings from the Willie Wonka wall and learn some tips and tricks from the seasoned baker herself. Along with birthdays, Tera envisions all types of parties in the future: baby and bridal showers, bachelorette and divorce celebrations, “cocktails and cupcakes,” and events to help support local charities and groups where portions of the proceeds are donated to a cause.

In preparation for becoming a small business owner, Tera took free classes at Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem, PA. An “invaluable experience,” she credits her early success and confidence to the knowledge gained there.

After a triumphant grand opening on August 22, attended by many Nazareth council members, including Mayor Colondo, as well as representatives from the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Tera says she is grateful for all of their support and can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for herself, the community and Camp Cake customers.


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