Despite requesting an additional eight hours per week of zoning enforcement from CodeMaster, East Allen Township still has a backlog of zoning calls and complaints. During the township’s board of supervisors meeting on Oct. 9, Manager Brent Green asked whether it is time the borough stop using a third-party service and start thinking about hiring their own full-time zoning officer.

The third-party zoning officer is only in the township for two days and is being paid between $45,000 and $50,000 by the township.

“We are paying what full-time is, without getting full-time hours,” said Green. He added that the zoning officer gets more calls than anyone else in the township office.

However, supervisors were wary of hiring their own zoning officer, especially since they would need a separate building code officer, which CodeMaster already provides.

Supervisor Mark Schwartz said the township does not have money to pay the benefits and salary of a full-time officer, especially if they cannot do everything the township needs. He recommended adding an additional day to the officer’s schedule.

“Push for more hours,” he told Green.

Supervisor Roger Unangst added that the township should start looking for other zoning companies. Perhaps, he said, they can find something by January when township appointments are made.

In other news, the township will be signing a maintenance and developer agreement with Locust Manor, at Route 512 and Locust Road. A stormwater permit must be issued for the development, following PennDOT improvements. This permit will be in the township’s name.

Existing escrow will be held by the township and hold-harmless protection will be signed to protect the township should any issues with the stormwater arise.

The township will also be advertising a job opening for a public works position following a retirement in the department. The township hopes to fill the position before the end of the year so that the new employee can be trained before the season’s first snowstorm.

Finally, it was announced that Governor Wolf Historical Society will be holding an East Allen Township old Schools reunion on Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. at the Wolf Academy. Former students are invited to gather and share stories and memories of classes, students, and teachers.


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