Photo by Hanna O’Reilly

The Moore Township Planning Commission voted to approve the proposal to revise lot lines for the former Moore Estates Major Subdivision Plan. The property was purchased by Moore Township to be placed into Farmland Preservation, and then to be placed for sale after it is preserved, in which one home and farmstead could be established on property. Three neighbors that border the property asked to purchase additional land to add onto their small nonconforming properties so they would have room if the septic system failed for replacement systems. There was discussion about the adjusted property lines in which Chairman John Becker had concerns about proper access and whether land should remain to access Route 248 at two points as it is right now. Commissioner Jason Harhart suggested that a PennDot Highway Occupancy Permit could be issued from PennDot for the property before any formal decision on which access to use in the future is determined for the preserved farmland area. There were three areas of interest that the Township Engineer, Kevin Horvath from Keystone Consulting Engineers, had illustrated for the board. The board also made a motion to forward the plans to the Board of Supervisors that meets Nov. 7. Seven voted yes, one abstained and one voted no.

Wendy Sanders, who owns a sheep farm on Monocacy Drive, approached the board for approval of having a small yarn business on the property. She is using an existing building for the shop and can meet all the standards for special exemption. Chairman John Becker advised that zoning would need drawings of her property and lot, illustrating parking and the flowing traffic. Becker made a motion to send the recommendation to the Zoning Hearing Board for their review of the Special Exception request.

J. Musselman of Musselman and Associates received conditional approval for plans concerning a Minor Subdivison plan at Route 512 and Fox Road. He had to revise  a building restriction line to preserve the woodlands existing on the property for the Wilson Minor Subdivision.


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