Teacher George Heffner at the Monocacy one-room schoolhouse, 1907-1908.

submitted by Linda Kortz

The Governor Wolf Historical Society held the first East Allen Township School Reunion Sunday, Oct. 27 in the Wolf Academy, on the campus at 6600 Jacksonville Road, Bath.

Many former students with ages ranging from their 50s to 80s came out. They all had attended one or more of the five schools, Monocacy, Steinmetz, Union, Oxford and Knauss. They brought old class photos, report cards and other amazing memorabilia; some from the 1800s of their families at school.

Plans for the new Governor Wolf museum are being formed. Barbara Wiemann our historian scanned their photos, documents, and especially their school memories. Several unknown facts about the schools will help us to broaden the files for local research purposes.

In 1785, area Pennsylvania Germans and the Scot Irish realized that they needed a closer school for their sons’ education. Sending then to a boarding school was too costly for the early rural families. They built the Academy that still stands on the site. Governor George Wolf, the seventh Governor of Pennsylvania, was educated there. He fought for and signed the contested Common School Act in 1834, providing an education for all regardless, of gender, race, religion, wealth or nationality. The next year he lost his re-election to the Whig Party who was vehemently against public funded education – especially for girls. They were unsuccessful in eliminating public education. Within just a few years, our Commonwealth had citizens who could read and write in English, advancing commerce and trade.

We are seeking any photos, artifacts, documents, and items that we can scan or use in the display in the Wolf Museum. Please call 610-905-0007.


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