It’s getting late but I’m still over at Eckley E. Patch Post #470 of the American Legion. Bob Sipple, a former student, served in the United States Army in Vietnam. He also worked for N.C. Oplinger, Bath’s “potato man,” loading a delivery of tasty spuds to many different locations.

He has been the likable steward at Eckley Patch for 24 years. You can always find him at the post; he’s usually there every day.

The Home Association headed by Sandy Becker supervises the social aspects of the home. Bob said, “We are very proud of the post home and all the progress we have made over the years. The Keystone Cement Company leased the land to the Legion many years ago and continues to be very helpful.”

The Legion is proud of our eight bowling alleys that were updated with a sophisticated computer system. The lanes are open to the public and to birthday parties. They have a number of leagues including a summer adult youth league. It’s always great to have parents and their children participating in wholesome activities.

The lanes are managed by Marty Beal and John Kerbacher, two fine fellows, who do everything possible to assist the bowlers and see that you leave as a satisfied kegler. 

The Legion also has a unique program allowing one to obtain membership if one’s father was a veteran and Legion member.

Let’s not forget the American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 470. The group works hard on projects and programs to aid veterans, families and community.

The officers for 2004 are: President Laura Diehl; Vice President, Jean Rundle; Secretary, Cyndy Radcliffe; Treasurer, Robin Meixsell; Sgt. at Arms, Denise Becker; Historian, Doris Yenser; Chaplain, Sandy Becker. There are 92 members.

Next time, a 50-year salute.


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