Back Row, L-R: Phyllis Andrews, Marena Rasmus, Brad Flynn, Barry Fenstermaker, Carol Bear-Heckman, Frank Hesch, Tony Kovalovsky.
Front Row, L-R: Mayor Fiorella Mirabito, Mark Saginario, Michele Ehrgott.

During their meeting on Monday, February 3, the Borough of Bath Council passed the borough’s much-awaited parking enforcement ordinance. The ordinance created a brand-new position for the borough: parking enforcement officer. The officer will have the ability to cite vehicles for parking violations, such as parking on sidewalks or parking too close to fire hydrants.

The borough is currently accepting applications for this position. Before the ordinance, Borough Manager Brad Flynn was performing dual roles of manager and enforcement officer. The new position will allow the borough to dedicate more time to parking violations, tow abandoned vehicles, and even enforce metered parking in the future.

The ordinance was two years in the making, but one that solicitor Blake Marles said was worth the wait.

“This is a really well-done ordinance,” he said. “It keeps a lot away from the magistrate…I do not know another ordinance that is so thorough and thought out.”

The borough also passed a resolution clarifying rules for commercial vehicles and overnight parking. Commercial vehicles are forbidden from parking overnight on the borough’s public streets. This includes trailers, equipment, and even cars with commercial magnets. By passing this resolution, the borough will have the ability to put together criteria and policy for residents to follow.

In other news, Flynn outlined upcoming public works projects. The department’s calendar, he said, is full of projects in 2020. These projects include street reconstruction, crosswalk painting, parking stall painting, traffic pattern painting, crack sealing, ADA improvements, new signage, curbing, and over 120 streetlight replacements.

“It is a tall order,” said Flynn, “but we are going to do our best.”

In other news, improvements will also be coming to the borough’s parks. Lukas Connolly, a member of Scout Troop 33, presented his Eagle Scout project before council. He will be constructing brand new bulletins for the borough’s parks. The new bulletins will be enclosed and locked with a key. The borough will be able to advertise events and news.

Council was thankful that Connolly approached them with an idea for bettering the community.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation of financial support, lumber, or tools to Connolly’s project can do so by contacting the borough’s office. 

Finally, PennDOT will be attending the borough’s March meeting to make a presentation on the Route 248 realignment project. Representatives will bring a display of the plans and be available to answer questions.


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