On Thursday, February 27, representatives for Imperial Realty Property Group, LLC stood before the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors once again; this hearing was a continuation from January 23. 

During the January hearing, Imperial proposed an additional 200,000 square feet of space, construction of a new retail plaza, central sewer, and $250,000 in road improvements near the Airport Road property. That plan has once again changed. 

Imperial now plans to repurpose the vacant bank into a restaurant, potentially a nearby pizzeria. Both the warehouse and the repurposed bank will be connected to the same sewer system. Plans for the area by the bank have not been discussed. 

One part of the plan that stayed the same was the 305-foot extension of the right turn lane, creating a 500-foot-long turn lane, as well as the removal of the strip mall. The extension is projected to cost less than $250,000; it would increase both safety and movement in the area. 

There was discussion at the last hearing of a free-flowing right turn lane. However, it has been determined that a free-flowing right turn lane is not the safest idea for the area at this point in time. 

There were no further changes to the plans for the warehouse. The proposed warehouse will be one-story high and 48 feet in height. Further, it will have parking spots for 250 cars; there will be 115 truck loading docks, 57 on each side of the building.  

After Imperial’s presentation and questions from the board, community members were allowed to ask their own questions or make comments on the plan. Those living in the nearby area had concerns about the increase of noise, specifically from brake retarders, and air pollution they will experience from trucks entering and leaving the warehouse.  

Imperial’s representatives stated that traffic in the area would decrease as a result of their plans, which was a point of confusion and disagreement from both community members and the board.

The East Allen Board of Supervisors has up to 45 days to make their decision on the conditions of the warehouse, according to township solicitor Joseph Piperato III. Approval has already been granted for the warehouse’s construction on the property. 


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