During their virtual meeting on Tuesday, June 14, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors granted approval for Phase 2A of the FedEx project on Willowbrook Road. This phase is part of the developer’s original Phase 2, which was granted approval by supervisors in 2014. Construction was not anticipated to begin for several years, but Greg Davis, counsel for FedEx, told supervisors that online shopping, stimulated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, increased demand on the facility. 

Phase 2A consists of the construction of 196 perpendicular and angular trailer parking spaces at the rear of the facility. Overall, Phase 2 had called for 5.8 acres of parking. Along with new parking spaces, new site lights will also be installed. No utilities or stormwater construction would be needed, as all of that was taken care of during the construction of Phase 1 to accommodate the facility’s full buildout. 

Among the conditions the supervisors placed on developers was the placement of a soil stockpile to help eliminate light glare concerns at the north end of the property. One resident in particular, residing near the facility, has complained of the property’s light glare. Supervisors told developers that the stockpile could not be moved without their permission. 

It was this condition that prompted hesitation from FedEx. Project Manager Andrew Loeb said he agreed with the stockpile, but had reservations about coordinating the movement of the stockpile on FedEx’s private property with the township.

He said that he believes FedEx has already demonstrated to the township that they intend to help eliminate the glare issue. They have installed light shields on several lights and have investigated the issue with the township’s engineer. 

Township solicitor Lincoln Treadwell recommended that supervisors remove that condition. 

“FedEx is agreeing to put stockpiles there now,” he said. “If it works, there has to be something [else] we can do instead of a stockpile.” 

Loeb agreed to meet with township engineers and officials again to address the lighting issue. He said shields will be added to the new fixtures. He also took the advice of Supervisor Dale Hassler to look into more lights at shorter heights. He said FedEx is still doing the bidding for the light fixtures and will get pricing on that option.

With the current environment and rising demands, FedEx is looking to start construction soon. 


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