During their meeting on Tuesday, July 28, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors approved a lot subdivision plan for Towpath Estates. This plan would include the construction of sidewalks, an EDU transfer, and the widening of W. 27th Street.

A single lot with an existing ranch house will be split into two lots. Although sidewalks were deferred on the existing lot, the township determined that they should now be provided based on current pedestrian patterns. The sidewalks will run along Delta Road and tie into existing sidewalks on River Run Drive. 

“People [walking] will easily make that loop to go around,” said Supervisor Dale Hassler. “It will be so nice to have that sidewalk there.”

However, developer Tim Livengood was concerned about the length of the sidewalk on the subdivided lot. Whoever purchases this lot will have 500 feet of sidewalk. 

“That is a large burden to place on the homeowner,” he said. “I don’t know that I’d want to have 500 feet of sidewalk to maintain during winter conditions.”

Supervisors said they would not be willing to take over the sidewalk or maintain it during the winter, since they do not do so for any other sidewalk in the township. It was decided instead that the sidewalk will not be required to be cleared after snow. Signs urging walkers to “Walk at You Own Risk” will be installed.

Livengood agreed with this plan, saying that it will alleviate burdens on both the homeowner and the township. 

The plan also includes the widening of W. 27th Street. However, supervisors extended this requirement until August 2021. 

“[With] three months to do that road, I do not want to risk having a lousy blacktop job,” said Hassler.

Finally, in order to meet sewer planning requirements, an EDU will be transferred from another development owned by Livengood. 

A lack of EDUs has been a concern for Livengood. For four years, EDUs have not been made available by Northampton Borough. No EDU means that new homes cannot be occupied, leading to a lack of income for developers. 

There has been no word on when Allen Township and Northampton Borough will resolve their ongoing sewer agreement dispute. 

In other news, supervisors discussed the E. Mud Lane water line installation. Mud Lane will be closed in 800 food sections as the water line is installed. The road will still be open to local traffic and first responders. 

The project should take two weeks, including a 4-day closure at Dry Run to jack and bore the waterline under the stream bed. 

However, PennDOT has also announced plans to close the Howertown Road Bridge, making Mud Lane an essential detour route. No word has been given on when PennDOT will start this work. Supervisors ruled that all work on Mud Lane must stop completely if the Howertown Road Bridge closes. 

The water line installation is part of improvements carried out by Jaindl Land Company as they develop their proposed warehouses between Howertown and Seemsville Road. 


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