During their meeting on September 16, Bath Borough Council discussed the upcoming 2021 budget and priority projects that funds should be allocated to. All councilmen and women were in agreement that roads were the top priority.

“[They] are the obvious number one issue,” said Councilman Frank Hesch. 

Councilman Tony Kovalovksy said he would like to see resurfacing of Broad and Penn Streets. He added he would also like to see improved painting on crosswalks. 

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Carol Bear-Heckman said she would like to see any improvements that are visible for residents so they know where funds are going.

Other priorities council listed included public works equipment and park improvements. Councilman Barry Fenstermaker said he would like to see security cameras at Ciff Cowling Field and Keystone Park, playground equipment for Keystone Park, and lighting at Paw Park.

The Personnel, Finance, and Administration committee will take these priorities into consideration as they finish drafting the budget. The budget will be delivered to council before the end of the month. 

Council President Mark Saginario called the budget the “most detailed” in years. 

In other news, Councilman Hesch was appointed as liaison to the Monocacy Creek Watershed Association. He has spent time attending their meetings and learning about ways the borough can  prevent erosion and get MS4 credits.

Council thanked Hesch for bringing awareness to the Monocacy. 

“The stream is an asset to the borough that we have overlooked,” said Councilwoman Bear- Heckman. “The stream is the whole reason Bath is here.”

Finally, Borough Manager Brad Flynn reiterated that the Quality of Life ordinance prohibits residents from blowing grass clippings into the street and open burning. If caught, residents face fines of up to $300. 

“If you are given a ticket, there is a process,” he said, adding that an upset resident became physical with a borough employee after receiving a ticket for a violation.

“Do not take matters into your own hands,” he said. “At no time should someone lay a hand on a borough employee. You will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. You will go to court.”


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