The February 9 meeting of the Lehigh Township supervisors was the first time the board met since January 12. The January 26 meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather. After the routine approval of minutes and bills, one of the agenda items was a request by the Lehigh Township Volunteer Fire Company for a replacement for their 1998 HME Central States Fire Engine. The request was met with some hesitance by members of the board. 

“This year we spent a million dollars on fire equipment,” Board Chairperson Cindy Miller said. “I don’t think people realize that.” 

Supervisor Keith Hantz argued that such equipment is “for the safety of township residents.” The Supervisors have already passed a budget for the year. 

“It’s too late. We have a budget and a capital improvement plan,” Miller said. 

Ultimately, the board decided that they must meet with members of the fire department about their request. 

“It needs to be made clear that they need to come in when we are working on the budget,” Miller said.

During the department reports Public Works Supervisor Frank Zamadics said that residents were happy with the crews during the recent snowstorms.

“We got a lot of positive feedback,” Zamadics said. 

Cindy Miller said she forwarded an email from someone in the township thanking the public works crew for their hard work.

Another order of business was finding someone to serve as Vacancy Board Chairperson. This person would be called upon if a member of the Board of Supervisors resigns or is not able to serve for any reason and the current board is undecided on who to appoint. He or she would sit as Chair and help the board decide, so it wouldn’t need to go to court. Miller said that she would prefer a Vacancy Board Chairperson who is more active and regularly attended meetings, while Phil Gogel said he would like someone who shared his vision for the township. 

“I want a conservative on the board. Someone moving the township in the right direction,” Gogel said. 

A motion was made to appoint township resident David Hess to the position. It passed unanimously. 

An update was given on the ongoing construction at the intersection of Route 248 and Blue Mountain Drive in Cherryville. A representative from the engineering firm said that they are only being held back by snow right now and that they should see activity on the site soon. The first order of business is tree removal and then utility pole relocation is set to begin in the first or second week of March. 

Finally, Supervisor Hantz reminded everyone that two seats, his own and Phil Gogel’s, were up for election this year. The tax collector position is also up. The only requirement for someone to run is Lehigh Township residence.  Gogel said he has enjoyed serving the community and announced he is going to run again.

The next Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be held on February 23 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.



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