submitted by Becky Bartlett, County of Northampton

The CDC issued a new limited eviction moratorium order on August 3 which covers counties experiencing substantial or high levels of community transmission of COVID-19 through October 3. This order applies to the County of Northampton which has recently seen an uptick in cases.

Lamont McClure, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) and county partners have programs in place to assist residents to remain in their households while alleviating the financial burden on landlords. The Community Mediation and Eviction Diversion Program (CMED) mitigates evictions and reduces the burden on the local court system. Housing services are free to low-and-moderate income households and owners of rental units housing low-and-moderate income tenants. The CMED program can also help with utility payments.

“The pandemic isn’t over yet, we can see that from the rising number of cases in our area,” says Lamont McClure. “I encourage any Northampton County resident who is experiencing problems with housing to contact us for assistance.”

24-hour Emergency hotline: 610-252-9060

Office of Veterans Affairs: 610-829-4875

Contact Information for the CMED Program:

For residents who live in Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township, Hellertown and Lower Saucon Township, contact:

  • New Bethany Ministries at 610-691-5602 ext. 217.

For residents in Easton, Glendon, West Easton, Wilson and Williams Township contact:

  • Easton Area Neighborhood Center at 610-253-4253

Residents of Easton can also contact:

  • ProJeCt of Easton at 610-258-1100 ext. 13

For residents of all other municipalities, contact:

  • Third Street Alliance at 610-438-1763

For residents who are 14 days or less away from losing their residence and have either a Notice to Quit or a Lockout Order Notice:

  • Call 211 to be connected to the Northampton County Tenant Eviction Assistance program seeking rental assistance.


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