In the August 12 edition of The Home News, in the article summarizing the August 5 Northampton Borough Council meeting, it was incorrectly stated that the Lehigh Valley Rose Society had partnered with Northampton Borough to turn Canal Park into a rose garden. This is not the case.

Says Nate Fisher, President of the Lehigh Valley Rose Society, “The Lehigh Valley Rose Society sent a cursory email out to multiple municipalities in Lehigh and Northampton Counties on July 29 in the late evening, offering to design/plant/maintain a rose garden in a municipality within our footprint…One municipality responded July 30 early in the morning that they were interested and we scheduled a site visit at one of the parks for the following Tuesday. We had not heard back from any other municipalities until an email from Northampton a week later.”

At this time, the Rose Society has no involvement in the planning or future of Canal Park.


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