Allen Township supervisors rejected a request from Jaindl-Watson representatives to grant a paving extension to November 19. The township restricts paving past October 31 to prevent cold weather from damaging freshly paved roads. 

The rejection came during the supervisors’ October 26 meeting. Supervisor Dale Hassler said the board has been very deliberate with its restrictions. In the past, the township has been responsible for repairing roads left in poor condition by developers.

“It [has been] nothing but an argument back and forth,” he said. “Since [this is] a road the township will be responsible for, it is by our terms.”

Supervisor Gary Behler agreed. 

“It is sad that previous developers screwed it up for you,” he told Jaindl-Watson representatives.

However, he added, “we know you are not going to rip [the road] back up again.”

With the paving extension denied, Jaindl-Watson representatives asked whether the township would grant a temporary occupancy permit. The developer already has an interested tenant who would like to move into one of the property’s six buildings in January 2022. 

Eric Scheler, Jaindl-Watson’s vice president of construction, said the tenant is Kichler Lighting. The company expects to bring 100 new jobs to the township. The traffic, he added, will be relatively low impact, with 180 car trips per day and 50 truck trips. 

The road, lacking a wearing course, is “traversable,” he added, and should not prevent Kichler from transporting their product. The road will be winterized for easier plowing and salt will be used to prevent ponding.

Scheler said he understands the township’s position but is disheartened.

“I never like to hear my industry being deceptive.”

Hassler said that Jaindl-Watson made a “good case,” but the township cannot grant exceptions.

“I will not budge on my opinion,” he added. “For the township, it would be a win-win if you don’t pave.”

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on Tuesday, November 9, at 7 p.m.


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