At their Nov. 4 meeting, the Moore Township Board of Supervisors discussed Pool Road concerns, the Wheel Collision Center land development plan, and the 2022 budget. 

Residents raised concerns about high-speed illegal left turns onto Pool Road from Pheasant Drive at last month’s board meeting. 

Engineer Kevin Horvath proposed two solutions to this problem: larger signage restricting left turns coupled with more enforcement or restricting traffic to one-way coming out. Both of these changes would not require a traffic study, but would require a letter notifying PennDOT of the change and the board to pass an ordinance or resolution. 

Horvath suggested using both changes as a multi-step plan, so if larger signs and more enforcement do not work, they can fall back on the one-way restriction. However, residents felt changing Pool Road to a one-way road would be more effective.  

During the September planning commission meeting, Wheel Collision Center presented their plan for a 6,000 square-foot storage building behind their property on Moorestown Road. The board also gave conditional approval to the Wheel Collision Center and granted a waiver that would allow them to submit their preliminary and final plans together, at the recommendation of the planning commission. 

Also discussed briefly at the meeting was the township’s 2022 budget. A preliminary copy of the budget, as well as minutes from the Oct. 27 budget meeting, are available on the township’s website. 

Township Manager Nicholas Steiner said the general fund budget is $3.9 million, with no tax increase. Major items in the budget include the purchase of two new police vehicles using the 2021 LSA grant, if approved, and the American Rescue Plan (ARP). There are many restrictions on what the ARP funds can be used for; Steiner explained that they plan to create an online payment system, purchase an electronic sign for the municipal building, and update police computers, with the bulk of the money going towards stormwater management. 

Finally, Moore Township has been providing neighboring Chapman Borough with police and snow plow services for around 12 years. Both contracts are up this year, and Solicitor David Backenstoe drafted two ordinances for advertisement renewing the agreements. Backenstoe, along with Zoning Officer Jason Harhart, was also tasked with drafting a letter to state legislatures asking for updates to the municipal planning code.  

The Moore Township Board of Supervisors will meet next on Tuesday, December 7 at 6 p.m. in the municipal building located at 2491 Community Dr. 


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