Photo courtesy of Catherine Csencsitz.

Do our older readers remember when they bought war bonds during World War II?

Both Mr. Oberly and this writer recall when we bought 10-cent bond stamps from our school teachers. You could also buy stamps at the post office or bank or have money deducted from your paycheck to buy a bond. This was voluntary; it was considered patriotic to buy bonds. Many Americans did it if they could afford to.

The stamp books were printed by our greeting card companies. Eighteen dollars and 75 cents was the cost. In 10 years, the value would be $25. I recall, in my youth, before each feature at the historic Roxy Theatre in Northampton, there was a bond message: Bonds will help win the war.

Mrs. Catherine Csencsitz, my good neighbor, whose mother was employed at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, has kindly shared this savings book with our loyal readers. The year – 1943!

Do any of our readers have any war bonds?

In two weeks: a $66 monthly mortgage payment.


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