During their November 10 meeting, the East Allen Township Supervisors rejected the request by developer Abraham Atiyeh to change zoning ordinance language that would allow age-qualified housing on 25 acres. 

On October 28, Atiyeh presented his case for this text amendment. Current zoning requires a minimum of 50 acres for age-qualified housing, but Atiyeh said allowing his development alongside the existing Toll Brothers development could create a “cluster” of retirement communities. Should the text amendment be approved, Atiyeh requested to rezone his land from industrial to agricultural-residential.

Supervisor Chris Cruz made the motion to reject the amendment and Supervisor Georgiann Hunsicker seconded the motion. All supervisors voted to reject the amendment except Supervisor Roger Unangst. 

With this rejection, Atiyeh withdrew his request to rezone his property from planned commercial to agricultural-residential. 

In other news, supervisors voted to table their joint-municipal letter to state representatives. Ten municipalities around Northampton County are asking representatives in Harrisburg to reject a request to open up the state’s Municipal Planning Code to prevent developers and lobbyists from potentially changing the code. 

Supervisors determined that time would be better spent focusing on the River Central Comprehensive Plan. Township manager Brent Green predicts the plan will be ready for implementation by next year. 

“Overall, we are going in a smooth direction,” he told supervisors. 

Supervisors also approved an extension for the Escrow Agreement for Nor-Bath Lot 1. The property needs final landscaping, but developers said they are having supply issues acquiring trees and seeds. The previous deadline was October 31, but supervisors agreed to extend the escrow to December 31. The property will still require inspection by engineers. 

Finally, supervisors approved the 2022 budget for advertisement. The budget comes with no real estate tax increase. For 16 years, there has been no tax increase in the township.  

The total budget is $2.6 million and includes reserve funds for a new fire truck. Supervisors are expected to approve the budget during their December 8 meeting.


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