Developers Lou Tepes and Edward Deichmeister approached the Allen Township Board of Supervisors during their December 14 meeting to request EDUs (Equivalent Dwelling Units) to help finish their developments. The request comes after another developer in the area filed a special request to acquire EDUs from Northampton Borough. 

The Intermunicipal Sewer Services Agreement between the two municipalities expired in 2016. Since then, developers have been unable to hook up EDUs and finish their subdivisions. 

Tepes and Deichmeister said they were approved for 537 EDUs four years ago.

“What are the plans to service our subdivision?” asked Deichmeister.

“If there are 537 approvals, the borough needs to honor them,” said solicitor Lincoln Treadwell. 

Treadwell asked the developers to send these approvals to Township Manager Ilene Eckhart. He also asked the developers to file a private sewer request action with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

“We would like to see you finish your projects just as much as you would,” Treadwell added. 

In other news, supervisors awarded the 2021 municipal waste and recycling contract to JP Mascaro for $1.9 million for three years. JP Mascaro has offered to collect unlimited containers at the same price as three to six bags per pickup. 

The choice, said Supervisor Gary Behler, “is a no brainer.”

In addition to unlimited containers, residents will be allowed one bulk item per week. Recycling pickup will be by zone. 

Supervisor Dale Hassler said this is currently the best price available but warned residents that it could increase when the contract expires in three years. 

“It is like a swing,” he said. “I hope it stays this way,  but you never know.”

Eckhart said the township will lead the effort to educate residents on changes they can expect. 

Also discussed during the meeting was the future of Radar Drive. The township is currently holding $1.1 million in escrow for uncompleted improvements, such as markings, striping, and signage. 

While the road was planned to be dedicated as a public road once construction was completed, developers and the township have explored keeping it private. 

Supervisors said they would prefer to keep the road private due to the needed improvements. If Rock Lehigh Valley would like to dedicate the road in the future, the developer would have to work with supervisors to bring it to spec. 

The developer will need to revise their road plans and present them to the board for final approval. 

Finally, several supervisors used the final meeting of the year to say goodbye. The meeting marked Behler’s last as a supervisor after six years serving on the board. 

“Thank you to the neighbors and community for allowing me to serve,” he said. “I wish all the best for the new board.”

The meeting also marked Gerald Montanari’s final meeting after his two-year term. 

“I appreciate [your service],” said Hassler. “It is tough to get people to volunteer…thank you.”

The board also paid respects to former supervisor Carl Edwards, who passed away in November after battling health issues. The board and residents held a moment of silence for Edwards. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be the reorganization meeting on January 3 at 6 p.m. 


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