The Moore Township Planning Commission met on January 24 at 7 p.m. to reorganize and review plans in various stages of development. 

New members Max Bauer and John Wetzel were welcomed to the planning commission.

Following this, a motion nominating John Becker to the chairman position was passed unanimously. Richard Gable and Jason Harhart were voted to the vice chairman and secretary positions, respectively. 

In other business, Becker reported the Muschlitz Excavating land development plan will be reviewed at a special meeting on March 28 at 7 p.m. at the Klecknersville Rangers Fire Station. The Water’s Edge land development plan was tabled and received an extension until April 30. 

The planning commission granted approval (with conditions from Keystone) for Thomas DeLong’s lot line adjustment; the plan will be reviewed at the next supervisors’ meeting. 

A minor subdivision plan for Jason Kocher was also discussed. The subdivision plan proposes to split 1.5 acres off of a lot that is around eight acres currently. 

The applicant questioned if the conditions put forward by Keystone Engineering would have to be completed on the entire eight acres, or only the smaller parcel. He also questioned the payment of the township’s $2,000 recreation fee. 

Kocher’s minor subdivision plan was extended until June 30.   

Finally, the planning commission heard a sketch plan presentation from Timothy and Gina Rosa. 

There are currently two 10-acre lots on Grouse Drive, though one sits vacant. The lot line adjustment plan proposes to have one parcel become an 18-acre lot and the other a much smaller 2-acre building lot. 

The only viable septic system poses a problem due to where it is located. Another issue, as brought up by chairman Becker, is the common driveway. The common driveway will be fine while both properties are owned by two brothers; the issue arises when one of them sells the property. 

Solicitor David Backenstoe suggested writing a very comprehensive easement agreement regarding maintenance of the sewer system and driveway “to save [yourselves] headaches in the future.”

The planning commission will meet next on February 28 at 7 p.m. The meeting is tentatively planned for the Moore Township municipal building located at 2491 Community Dr. 


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