The East Allen Township Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday, March 9 with a busy agenda. Among the items discussed were the request from Valley Fruits & Veggies to purchase property from the township, the necessary repairs or replacements needed for the Jacksonville Bridge and North Halbea Street Bridge, and the township’s use of the American Rescue Act funding.

First on the agenda was the recommendation to appoint the township treasurer as the deputy tax collector, a position that has been vacant for months. The motion was passed, and the treasurer, Christine Wentz, will now assume those responsibilities moving forward.

Following, the owner of Valley Fruits & Veggies, Deb Colitas, came to the meeting to discuss the former Weaversville State Farm property, which she and her husband would like to purchase from the township. The 25 acres of land sits next to her property, and Colitas proposed the purchase to expand her community-based farm business. 

Colitas raised the question: “What is possible in this situation?” 

The land, however, was bought by the township for other public uses, and further discussions will need to be had in regards to what is best for the township and the community.

A motion was then passed to authorize the Joint DCED Statewide LSA grant application in the amount of $290,000 with Moore Township for the purchase of an asphalt paver and trailer. 

Moore Township has agreed to store the machine and split half of the remaining costs of the machine with East Allen Township. However, the townships might not see the paver and trailer until 2024.

In other business, maintenance needed for the Jacksonville Bridge and the North Halbea Street Bridge was discussed. Corrosion has decayed the two structures. Pricing for repairing or replacing both bridges is currently being obtained, and a motion was passed for township engineers to investigate other options as well.

In other topics, the discussion regarding the use of American Rescue Act funding in the amount of $520,938.66 was continued. This relief was given to the township during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some township supervisors would prefer that the money be given to township residents, but Township Solicitor Joseph Piperato III has not found any documentation that would authorize the township to use this money as a rebate to residents. 

A decision was made for Piperato to continue researching this possibility. Piperato stated that he would reach out to federal and state representatives to see if they have received any similar requests.

Next on the agenda was the discussion of the township’s pursuance of various grants.

Although they are unable to pursue the AARP grant, they will be applying for a DCNR grant through the Community Conservation Partnership Program that would potentially allow the state to pay for 50% of the pavilion replacement at Bicentennial Park. 

Additionally, a motion was passed to appoint Ryan J. Cassidy of the Eckert Seamans law firm as the Labor Counsel Related to Employment and Human Resource Issues for the township through 2023.

During the last correspondence, a motion was passed to release funds for a deposit to purchase a township vehicle for zoning.

In addition to the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors workshop meeting on March 24 at 7 p.m., the board will have its next monthly meeting on April 13 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building, located at 5344 Nor-Bath Blvd.


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