A month after asking township engineer James Milot to explore replacement options for Jacksonville Bridge, East Allen Township supervisors were presented with several paths forward during their meeting on April 13. 

Corrosion of the existing structure is the township’s biggest concern. Milot offered two suggestions. The first is to replace each individual arch of the bridge. However, Milot admitted that this work could be costly. The second option involves using a slide to seal the damaged arches together, preventing future corrosion and improving the structure’s functionality and longevity. This move, he added, would be a less expensive option than rebuilding. Milot will continue to explore options, but all supervisors voiced their support for the less costly renovation. 

In other news, the township awarded a bid for road work totaling $1 million. This amount is over the initial estimate of $990,000. However, the township has extra funding available thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

During the meeting, supervisors also released a bond for traffic signal improvements for $6,226.90. This is for the signal at the intersection of Airport, Snowdrift, and Hanover Roads, which was repaired following damage from tractor-trailers.

Milot said the signal is operating as designed. He also submitted a request to PennDOT to remove the pedestrian push buttons at the intersection, as they are not needed. That request is pending. 

Finally, supervisors are preparing for the 2022 PSATS annual conference, running from April 24 to April 27 in Hershey. During this conference, supervisors from municipalities across the state come together to discuss common causes they can rally around and lobby for. Supervisor Don Heiney will represent the township and vote on its behalf. 

All resolutions Heiney will vote on, said township solicitor Joseph Piperato, “are supposed to be favorable to the township.”

“I did not see anything that jumped out to me that would be a problem for the township,” he added. “Many, many changes try to make things easier.”

These changes include taxpayer reform, infrastructure improvements, and first-responder support. 

The next East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be on April 28 at 7 p.m. 


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