Mr. Max Gomez was raised in Schnecksville, Lehigh County, graduating in 2017 from Parkland High School. He also played club lacrosse.

He attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, saying, “To help pay my college tuition, I was hired by Lehigh as a summer employee.”

His sister Gabriella was also a college employee.

Max recalled, “I was undecided on a career. I enjoyed my job at the plant, so I returned in November as a full-time employee.”

Old-timers Skip Lilly and labor leader Brandon Sanders shared their work experiences with him.

Starting in the labor department, Max also had a keen interest in the massive machinery and the cement process. Today, he works as a production technician.

Jason Schuler, Chad Jacobus and supervisor Jeff Ruch provided Mr. Gomez with “hands-on” training, which he supplemented with electrical manuals and training videos.

The production technicians must be familiar with all aspects of the plant’s operation. They are troubleshooters, maintaining the equipment and solving problems. They are on call around the clock.

Safety is a priority at all Lehigh plants, and daily safety meetings alert employees to potential problems. Mr. Lonnie Perry is the safety manager.

Max said, “I like to stay mentally engaged and, with my co-workers, feel a sense of accomplishment when we solve problems, enabling the plant to operate in a safe and efficient manner.”

His longest call out was for 22 hours during a plant operation issue.

With a smile, he said, “I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given and look forward to a long career in the industry.”

He feels that cement has a bright future as an important product used in maintaining and building our nation’s infrastructure for future generations.

Max spends his free time riding his sleek motorcycle. He also enjoys digital music.

Mr. Gomez is very enthusiastic, with a strong work ethic. He has a bright future with Lehigh.

He resides in North Whitehall Township.

We wish Mr. Gomez and all our friends at the Nazareth plant a safe and prosperous 2022.


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