During the Northampton Borough Council meeting on Thursday, July 7, resident Bernie Hahn appeared before council to see whether the borough can support the Main Street Family Restaurant. The family-run business has been closed since June 19 due to the owner’s illness. 

“[Owner Kimberly Pizarro] has four years straight worked seven days a week,” Hahn said. “Is there anything we can do to help?”

While the borough cannot take official action, council said it can support resident-led action.

“Most of us here feel the same way,” said Councilman Anthony Lopsonzski, Sr. “We can participate, but we cannot be part of the lead.”

Councilwoman Judith Haldemann offered to help Hahn set up a GoFundMe account. Meanwhile, Councilwoman Ronald Glassic suggested that Hahn reach out to 69 News. Borough Manager LeRoy Brobst also gave Hahn the name of a contact at Northampton County who may be able to help find grants and other funding to support the restaurant. The county received federal aid during COVID-19 to help local businesses. 

With multiple routes Hahn and fellow residents can take to support the business, council made it clear they will support any action they take. Council also thanked Hahn for stepping up to help. 

In other news, council approved a resolution granting a 3% cost-of-living increase for eight retired police officers on the police pension plan. The increase will go into effect on August 15 and is retroactive to January 1. All council members voted in favor, except Lopsonzski, Sr., who abstained. He is a former police officer. 

The borough also approved several upcoming events, including the Exchange Club’s Jack Frost Parade for Thursday, October 20 at 7 p.m., and Paw Prints on the Canal for June 11, 2023. 

In a recreation update, Brobst announced that the swimming pool is operating smoothly. As of June 15, passes brought in $28,355, slightly behind last year. 

Meanwhile, the much-awaited pickleball court at Canal Park is nearing completion. The court surface has just been painted orange and black. Residents are already interested in organizing a pickleball league. 

Brobst, who recently returned to the office after battling COVID-19, thanked the borough staff in the office and out for keeping things running smoothly.

“I consider myself blessed,” he said. “We have some great people.”


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