The East Allen Township Board of Supervisors met Wednesday, July 13 to discuss an insurance loss of the township’s flail/boom mower, moving the pedestal poles and pedestrian crossing on Airport Road and Hanoverville Road, and asphalt milling charges.

On June 22, the township’s 2014 John Deere tractor with flail/boom mower attachments caught fire, which was insured for $178,000. An insurance adjuster deemed the tractor a total loss and requested estimates for replacement value since it is a unique piece of equipment, which the township is currently gathering. 

Township Manager Brent Green stated, “At this point we’re just kind of in limbo, the goal would be replacing it as soon as possible so that we can get it ordered and delivery probably sometime next year.”

Previously, the township had been looking into replacing this specific tractor with a smaller tractor that did not have a boom mower attachment. Green began compiling estimates for different tractor and flail mower possible purchases at the end of April, but the township had not yet decided what they were going to do moving forward. The board intends to replace the tractor with the funds they receive from the insurance company and will have to figure out what to do for the remaining balance once the adjuster determines the insurance compensation amount.

Since there are no available tractors for rent or purchase at this time due to it being mowing season, roadside mowing will most likely cease for the year aside from some patchwork that will need to be done with a weed wacker by the township’s Public Works Department. 

In other news, the township discussed the relocation of pedestals and crosswalks at the Airport Road and Hanoverville Road intersection. The township reported having issues with pedestals being hit multiple times.

Township Engineer James Milot expressed that PennDOT has given the township a compromise because they will not allow the township to eliminate the crosswalk entirely, but they will allow the elimination of the crosswalk that has created the problematic issue with the pedestal getting hit. PennDOT provided some alternative suggestions and Milot went to the site to see which solutions could be potentially viable. 

Milot addressed that one of the suggestions would require a 12 to 15-foot extension of maneuvering area and access to get to the crosswalk from the pole and would require curbing or some type of wall because it drops off very steeply into the existing inlets that come together at the intersection. “Taking the equipment from the pedestal pole and putting it on the mast arm is not a favorable option,” Milot said.

Rather, Milot suggested relocating one of the existing poles so that the township will not have to extend the pedestrian access ramp area or be concerned with drop offs. This would eliminate one pedestal pole as opposed to both and would be the more practical and cost-effective option Milot expressed. This would require a new foundation for the moved pedestal pole, relocating the equipment and rewiring the conduit, and revising the pavement markings on the Hanoverville Avenue approach to reset the pedestrian crosswalk markings and adjust the stop bar markings to be the proper isolation distance. The board requested that Milot put an estimate together regarding the different options and their associated costs.

As of now, the township pays around $900 each time someone hits the pole, which has happened 10 to 15 times, Green reported. In the long run, the township is hoping to find the most cost-effective option for fixing the issue of tractor trailers hitting the pedestal poles at this intersection. 

Next, the supervisors discussed a change order for the 2022 Road Program regarding various asphalt millings in the amount of $3,490.05 because the contractor went over milling quantities by 795 square yards when profiling Circle Drive, Goldcris Lane, Pond View Terrace, Shady Lane, and Laurel Court. The board approved the change order unanimously.

In other business, Green expressed that he met with the township’s insurance broker regarding current policies that total $42,561. Green stated that the township was looking at changing carriers but cannot change now that the township is dealing with an insurance loss. However, the township did change carriers for cyber insurance to Hiscox CyberClear for a premium of $5,623. The board decided to work on a request for a proposal in the next year or two to ensure that their insurance rates remain reasonable and competitive to discuss during budget season. A motion to ratify the total of various insurances was unanimously granted.

During reports, the First Regional Compost Authority expressed that they will be using money they acquired through grants to purchase another grinder. The FRCA also reported they are aware there have been complaints regarding the smell from a pile of compost that was not taken care of properly, and that they are trying to figure out where they can take it.

The East Allen Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps reported there were 85 incidents for the month of June. Volunteer Ambulance Corps President Joe Light also reported that Jack D’Andrea was appointed as the new Fire Rehab Officer and the new ambulance that was purchased will be arriving any day now.

Last, the township identified correspondence they received for various notifications such as the Chapter 11 General Permit Notification from PennDOT for the Old Carriage Bridge replacement, the NPDES Permit No. PAC480125 Minor Modification Notification for Sunny Slope Crossings located at Hanover Street and Dogwood Road being proposed by Jaindl Enterprises, and the Locust Manor Plaza Letter of Extension for the Lehigh Valley Veterinary Hospital on Route 512.

The next East Allen Township Board of Supervisors Workshop meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 28 at 7 p.m. and the next monthly meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10 at 7 p.m. in the East Allen Township municipal building, located at 5344 Nor-Bath Blvd.


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