From left to right: Elias Decker, Mason Kessler, and James Kornhausl

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony was held on Sunday, September 25 for Scouts BSA Troop 50’s three newest Eagle Scouts, Mason Kessler, Elias Decker, and James Kornhausl, at Salem United Church of Christ in Bath. 

All three Scouts completed projects to obtain their Eagle rank. Mason Kessler built three food blessing boxes at three different low income areas. James Kornhausl rebuilt the wooden play train at the Ironton Rail Trail. Elias Decker renovated the cake walk area at Salem UCC, adding an entrance trellis, stones, rope and table. He also improved the spinning arrow.

Scout Cody Kessler welcomed everyone and moderated the ceremony, sharing: “This is an occasion for pride and joy, as well as a time for serious reflection. The Eagle is the highest recognition that Scouting offers the Scouts. It is earned through the advancement program and only a small percentage of boys who begin Scouting receive this honor. The wearer of the Eagle’s Award is the epitome of Scouting’s best efforts and beliefs.”

Pastor Kaye Lentz provided the ceremony’s invocation with a prayer to celebrate the commitment and hard work of the three scouts and asking God for his blessing and “to continue to walk with them as they take the next steps in becoming the Scouts and the people You desire them to be.”

Amy Decker, mother of Eagle Scout recipient Elias Decker, then read a poem titled “It’s Only a Pin,” which spoke of the journeys for these “Knights of Today” that has guided them along their right path and how their hearts beat true below the wings of their Eagle Scout pins.

Scoutmaster Kirk Decker, and father of Elias Decker, expressed, “Gentlemen, you’ve heard me say this many times, there is no place I’d rather be than right here right now. The three of you started Cub Scouts as first graders and now they’re seniors in high school and Eagle Scouts. We shared a lot of memories along the way.”

Scoutmaster Decker shared fond memories of each of the boys throughout the years and expressed that there is one thing that he prays each of them get to experience, which is becoming a Scoutmaster. 

“Never be shy about what you have accomplished. The world needs you and others like you,” said Decker.

Next, the parents of Mason Kessler, Elias Decker, and James Kornhausl pinned their son’s Eagle Medal above their left pocket flaps and the Scouts presented their mother and father with a pin as well.

Ryan Rupp, cousin of Elias Decker and Troop 50 Eagle Scout, presented the Eagle Charge. Rupp stated that 20 years ago, almost to the day, he was presented with his own Eagle Scout pin.

“You have been judged by the Boy Scouts of America of being worthy of the highest rank in this great movement. All who know you rejoice in your achievement. Your position, as you know, is one of honor and responsibility. You are a marked man. I charge you, to be among those who dedicate their skills and ability to the common good. Build America on the solid foundation of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship, and reverence for God; and, whatever others may do, you will leave behind a record of which every other Scout may be justly proud,” Rupp shared.

The ceremony had four guest speakers. Former Troop 50 Scoutmaster and President of the Northampton School Board, James Chuss, congratulated the Scouts and all the friends and family members that helped each of the Scouts get to where they are today. 

“Scouting builds memory and knowledge and lasting friendships. There is quite a history in Troop 50 and it’s something to be proud of,” said Chuss. 

Pa. State Representatives Ann Flood and Zach Mako presented the three Eagle Scouts with citations from the House of Representatives from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that highlighted the leadership roles and community service that each of the Scouts completed and achieved.

“The skills that these guys have acquired are going to carry them through college, tech school, or whatever they choose to do. These skills are grounded within you, and you will carry them with you for the rest of your lives,” said Flood.

“This sets you up for success in life. It teaches you to set larger goals and smaller goals that you achieve along the way,” said Mako. “This is the only good citation you will ever get from the state, so cherish it,” Mako joked.

A representative from Senator Mario Scavello’s office also presented the three Eagle Scouts with Senate citations and shared, “Your determination and self-discipline are going to carry you forward in life. We are all proud of you. Just like you’ve had mentors in Scouting that you’ve looked up to, you’re now going to become those mentors and other Scouts will look up to you.” 

Reverend Cliff Herring provided the benediction prayer and congratulated Mason Kessler, Elias Decker, and James Kornhausl on their hard work and dedication.

Senior Patrol Leader Brayden Eckhart invited all Scouts into a Troop Circle and led the Scouts in a closing Scout Benediction and the audience congratulated Mason Kessler, Elias Decker, and James Kornhausl on their achievement as newly awarded Eagle Scouts.


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