During their October 11 meeting, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors approved a liquor license transfer request for Setter Hill Beverage, LLC, and Setter Hill Farm, LLC, the owners of a proposed event space on Old Carriage Road. 

Member managers Ron and Lisa Check appeared before the board with their attorney Anthony Giovannini, Jr. of Broughal & DeVito to make the request during a public hearing. 

The restaurant liquor license for this event space would be transferred from Black & Blue, a restaurant at 683 Walnut St. in Easton, to the Allen Township property at 639 Old Carriage Rd. 

Ron Check explained that the property will be developed into an event facility for private events like weddings. Four buildings are proposed, including a cottage, wedding venue, chapel, and horse farm. A restaurant will be on site preparing food for the events. 

Because the property will only be open for private events and not used as a public bar, Giovanni, Jr. told supervisors it will not impact the “welfare, peace, and morals” of the township.

Supervisors unanimously approved this request. 

Ron Check also appeared before the board for two other requests during the October 11 meeting. The first was for preliminary/final approval of the property’s development plan. The township’s planning commission had previously recommended approval of the plan, with the condition that funding be set aside for future curbing and sidewalks. The board unanimously approved this preliminary/final plan with these conditions.  

The second request was to trim pear trees lining the property. Ron Check is the only HOA owner on the road. The board approved this request as long as Check notifies other residents.

In other news, Gene Clater appeared before the board to warn that the township may face legal action for allegedly violating its zoning ordinance by allowing industrial use on a residential property. 

Clater previously appeared before the board in July to voice concerns over the property at 3742 Kreidersville Rd. The property was approved for residential-business use under a nonconforming use in 1988. However, it was sold to new owners in 2021 and has since transitioned to industrial use. 

In July, Clater told the board that vehicles were coming and going from the site as early as 3 a.m. He added that there were no buffers on the property to hide the noise and traffic from neighboring homes. In addition, he claimed there are as many as 11 vehicles parked on the property, more than the seven the property has a variance for.

Under the zoning ordinance, the nonconforming use no longer applies when the property transferred to new owners. Clater alleged that the township knew of this violation but let it persist. He added legal action is forthcoming unless the township enforces its ordinance. 

Finally, supervisors noted that Lappawinzo Fish and Game will host fireworks on October 29 from 7 until 8 p.m. This event does not violate the township’s nuisance ordinance. 

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be on October 25 at 7 p.m. November’s meeting has moved to November 1 at 7 p.m. 


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