The Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, January 24 at 7 p.m. Township Solicitor David Backenstoe opened the meeting by introducing Nancy Arrow, a Northampton County attorney who is running for judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Arrow spoke for a few minutes about her efforts to meet county residents and allow them to put a face to her name. If elected, she would be the second Republican female judge in Northampton County. She is a former district attorney who currently specializes in family law.

The board approved bills and a request for an extension to a lot consolidation plan by John and Dennis Moyer.

Police Chief Scott Fogel reported “nothing out of the ordinary” during the month of December. He provided the board with a printed report of police activity in 2022, noting it is largely in line with previous years. Traffic citations and crashes are down slightly. Criminal arrests are also trending downward since lockdown was lifted. Board Vice-Chairman Cynthia Miller inquired as to the status of department vehicles and the chief assured everyone they are all in working order. The police will conduct a blood drive on February 9. Those who wish to donate can sign up by calling the township office at 610-767-6771 or visiting

Township Manager Alice Rehrig stated an end to the Cherryville intersection project is currently in sight. Two corrections are being made by the contractor and everything should be finished by the time of the next board meeting. The board approved a request for payment from Hanover Engineering as well as a change order related to the matter.

Rehrig also spoke with the architect about moving forward on the maintenance building, per the discussion at the previous board meeting. She will report back when she has more information. The amendments for the zoning ordinance which had been previously discussed were advertised for adoption; however, after the advertisement was placed, the committee discovered some wording which needs revision. The ordinance is thus not quite ready for adoption and will be brought back to the board after the necessary changes are made.

A discussion was held concerning the comprehensive plan map. The board members each received a copy of the current map; the planning commission made a recommendation for some changes. These changes will not alter zoning in any way, but provide a vision for potential alterations. The subject was tabled until the next board meeting to allow the members more time to examine the details.

The board then discussed appointed positions within the township, as requested by Cynthia Miller. After some debate, Miller and board member David Hess volunteered to work together to outline a specific written process to follow when making such appointments, and will submit a draft for the board’s approval.

There will be a special meeting on February 15 regarding the proposed solar farm. Solicitor Backenstoe will be working with Alice Rehrig to look at some issues related to the Jaindl project.

As the floor was opened for public comment, the same resident who has suffered property damage from dead trees came forward to inform the board that on Christmas Eve, another tree came down and damaged her service line. This caused a surge in her home and she still does not have use of her oven or any real heat source. Although the dead trees at Indian Trail Park were removed, the trees along Mangrove Drive were not, and it was one of these which fell on her property. She has filed a claim with MetEd, adding that she cannot withstand any more damage, and wanted the board to be aware of the situation. Board member Gerald Pritchard agreed that she had “every right to complain” and offered his apology for the situation. Public Works Director Frank Zamadics will be directed to go through the entire neighborhood to mark dead trees, and David Hess volunteered to assist him in the matter.

The next supervisors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 14 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building at 1069 Municipal Rd., Walnutport. 


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