During their meeting on January 24, the Allen Township Board of Supervisors voted to allow Township Manager Ilene Eckhart, Solicitor Lincoln Treadwell, and Engineer Stan Wojciechowski to take action against Rockefeller Development Group to collect payments for new road striping. 

Rockefeller’s maintenance security bond expires on February 27. However, the developer’s maintenance period ends in August. The township has asked the developers to provide extra coverage during this time, but nothing has been promised. Once the maintenance bond expires, the township will be responsible for repairs to Willowbrook Road. This includes restriping the road, which has not been completed since 2017. 

Wojciechowski said roads must be striped every one to two years. He estimates it may cost $20,000 to complete the project.

With this vote, the township will either take action to sue Rockefeller for a portion of their $650,000 security bond or charge them additional security to cover the striping. Eckhart, Wojciechowski, and Treadwell will decide which path is best for the township. 

In other news, Wojciechowski is reviewing a road signage proposal from FedEx. Received on January 20, the proposal offers a plan for adding truck signage at the intersection of East Bullshead and Willowbrook roads. This signage will warn drivers not to turn onto East Bullshead. During supervisors’ February meeting, Wojciechowski will have a recommendation on the proposal. 

Supervisors also approved security upgrades to Howertown Park. The park will soon receive expanded Wi-Fi, security control systems to protect the field house, and a new surveillance camera system. The security control system will use either key fobs or codes to restrict and monitor access to the park’s field house. Meanwhile, the security cameras and expanded Wi-Fi will ensure that enhanced surveillance encompasses the entire park. 

Construction will start soon. Minimal park clearing is required to help establish a line of sight, while additional trenching is needed to make room for the Wi-Fi cables. 

These upgrades were included in the 2023 budget. Eckhart predicts the Wi-Fi and cameras will cost $31,500, while the control system in the field house will cost $6,538. The township received a $5,000 donation from Jaindl-Watson to help cover some of these costs. 

“A camera will not necessarily stop something,” said Eckhart. “[But] at least people will know [the park] is under some surveillance.”

Supervisors also approved the purchase of additional racking and shelf space for the township’s public works building. The racking, which will cost the township $8,540, will provide additional floor space for the township’s new equipment.

Finally, supervisors announced the seasonal closure of the Allen Township Dog Park from February 20 through the end of April. The township orders this closure regularly to allow grass to grow before the park’s busy spring and summer seasons.

“It has worked really well,” said Eckhart. 

The closure has been announced online and signs will be posted. 

Before the meeting adjourned, Supervisor Dale Hassler asked his fellow supervisors and members of public works to keep a closer eye on truck traffic entering the Geodis warehouse. The township is still experiencing backups onto Willowbrook Road caused by trucks using the road to stage.

“If it keeps persisting, we are going to have to take action,” he said. 

Only four to five trucks can enter the development’s security area at a time. Meanwhile, only three trucks can stage inside the property. 

“They did not expect to have 15 trucks show up at one time,” said Wojciechowski. 

Supervisor Gary Behler asked Eckhart to invite a Geodis official to the board’s next public meeting. 

“There needs to be some type of remediation,” he said. “What is happening there is not working.”

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be Tuesday, February 14 at 6 p.m.


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