The Moore Township Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, February 7 with a lengthy agenda.

Planning Commission Chairman Richard Gable provided updates and recommendations on subdivision and land development agenda items, which the board took into consideration when approving the sewage planning module component at 184 Grouse Dr. per the engineer’s review letter, as well as the plan revision for a new development at that parcel.

In other business, Police Chief Gary West provided the police department’s January report with 300 total incidents, which included: nine written and verbal warnings issued, 56 traffic citations issued, three arrests for simple assault, intimidation of a victim or witness, and accidents involving damage to attended property, six non-traffic violations for unsecured dogs, harassment, harboring a dangerous dog, and illegal dumping, two non-reportable accidents, and one reportable accident.

Fire Police Captain Jason Harhart reported that the Klecknersville Rangers Vol. Fire Co. responded to 706 ambulance calls during 2022 and 388 fire calls, which included: 47 fires, 42 motor vehicle accidents, one motor vehicle accident with MedEvac, seven fire police, 47 automatic fire alarms, 94 ambulance assists, 75 mutual aid calls, 48 wires and trees down, eight carbon dioxide alarms, two smoke/odor investigations, three search and rescues, one animal rescue, four gas leaks, six spills, one pump detail, and one police assist.

Harhart also provided the Klecknersville Rangers Vol. Fire Co. January report for 57 ambulance calls and 27 fire calls, which included: two fires, five motor vehicle accidents, two fire police, three automatic fire alarms, eight ambulance assists, three wires down, and four mutual aid calls with Bath Station 40 for one fire, one motor vehicle accident, and two fire alarms.

Next, an announcement was made that the First Regional Compost Authority has a large amount of mulch available, and they encourage residents to pick some up. They are located at 6701 Weaversville Rd.

Lois Kerbacher also announced that Community Days will have their household bingo on March 12 at the Klecknersville Rangers firehouse. The cost is $25 per ticket and there will be food available for purchase. Kerbacher also requested to apply for a license for small games of chance and the board approved the request.

In other news, Chairman Daniel Piorkowski brought up finding a contractor to get a professional list of what needs to be done in order to complete the Historical Commission’s Edelman Schoolhouse restoration project, which has been stagnant.

Public Works Director Craig Hoffman and Horvath were asked to look into finding a contractor to finish the project and Township Manager Nicholas C. Steiner will put a scope together to put the project out to bid.

After the discussion, the board approved Chad Brandon’s resignation from the Historical Commission and the appointment of Maryellen Miller to fill the vacant seat. The board also appointed John Nierer and Robert Fehnel to the Land and Environmental Protection Board.

Engineer Horvath provided an update on the MS4 due to the Department of Environmental Protection’s ordinance update to statewide stormwater management. This update involves some minor language changes to enhance the township’s two current stormwater ordinances.

One of the suggestions by DEP regarded riparian buffers, which are preserved areas alongside a stream that act as a natural filtration of pollutants within the stormwater runoff prior to reaching the stream.

DEP is also suggesting updates to low impact development and green infrastructure with an option to attempt to recreate natural infiltration conditions where there will be features such as rain gardens and vegetation channels to put water back into the ground instead of channeling it into one large basin and infiltrating it there. 

The updates to the ordinances entail ongoing maintenance of stormwater management and place responsibilities on property owners to continue maintenance as well as on the township to follow-up and make sure property owners are completing the maintenance. 

The board unanimously granted a motion for Horvath to draft the revised stormwater ordinances.

In other news, supervisors unanimously approved a resolution for the newly established Non-Uniform Employee Handbook whereby all township employees will be required to read the handbook and sign a statement that they read it.

Last, supervisors unanimously granted a 3% pay increase for the Zoning Hearing Board stenographer and attorney. The Zoning Hearing Board also requested a rate increase from $25 per meeting to $35, but the board cannot approve a rate higher than their own, which is also $25 per meeting. Supervisors also cannot approve a rate increase for themselves while in office, but rather, a rate increase would be approved for subsequent board members, so the discussion was tabled.

The next Moore Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be held Tuesday, March 7 at 6 p.m. in the municipal building, located at 2491 Community Dr.


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