The annual Spring Stock Market Challenge recently concluded with a student from the Northampton Area School District triumphing once again. 

Moore Elementary fifth grader Cassie Tampier won second place in the elementary and middle school division for Northampton County. Cassie is the third student from Moore Elementary to place in the top three in either the statewide or county-wide competition in the last five years.

Students started with $100,000 to invest using the Personal Finance Lab online trading platform, with an objective of earning the greatest return on investment at the conclusion of the 10-week competition.  

“I learned how to pick a stock, now my family wants me to pick stocks for them. I was surprised that I won second place!” said Cassie. 

Cassie, under the leadership of teacher Christopher Hoenscheid, increased her portfolio value by 4.54%. 

“This win is all Cassie’s doing. She made some smart investments, with two of her stocks returning almost 15% in 10 weeks. She did the research, she picked the stocks and she was successful,” said gifted support teacher Hoenscheid. 

The annual contest is hosted by the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy through Brighter Financial Futures and sponsored by Fidelity Bank.

The Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy (PennCFL) exists to prepare the next generation to rise up. They strive to change the future by offering all Pennsylvania students in grades K-12 with personal finance education, a stock market and personal budgeting game, along with entrepreneurship skills that will help them thrive in the workforce and in life.


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