The East Allen Township Board of Supervisors met Thursday, June 22 to continue the discussion on emergency medical services with East Allen Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

During the June 14 meeting, East Allen EMS President Eric Snyder presented a recommendation to the board for a potential replacement of emergency medical services based on their inability to fund payroll, but the supervisors had several questions and concerns.

East Allen EMS Director of Operations Cindy Geist provided a lengthy statement to clear up misconceptions, communicate why East Allen EMS chose not to recommend Northampton Regional EMS, and request an extension of time for the organization to determine the future of services with the township.

Geist began by addressing East Allen EMS’ decision not to recommend Northampton Regional EMS, which she claimed was due to recent issues with their working relationship.

Geist went on to explain that East Allen EMS’ decision to choose Nazareth Regional Ambulance Corps was due to the proposals offered by Nazareth aligning with what they are looking for, which Geist referred to as “a true partnership.” Additionally, Nazareth’s board reached out to East Allen EMS and offered financial and staffing assistance as they continue the discussion with the township about the future of services within the township.

Last year, Nazareth appointed Robert Norder as their executive director to help them restructure and rebuild their organization after some staffing issues, and recently, East Allen EMS also hired Norder as their executive director for the same reason due to monetary issues.

Geist stated that East Allen EMS gave Norder the task of fully auditing their organization financially and operationally, and that he will report his findings and determine if the issues he finds are fixable to both East Allen EMS and the Board of Supervisors.

“We know that we have had some poor decisions, frivolous spending, change in leadership, and lack of leadership, but due to the time sensitive need for these assessments, we are requesting for you to give us a little more time,” said Geist.

Geist also expressed that East Allen EMS has secured six months of funding through Nazareth and the sale of various equipment to help with payroll throughout this process.

Geist added that funding for six months is approximately $180,000 and will be covered by the following: $15,000 profit from the sale of ambulance 4684, which has already been sold; $27,000 profit from the sale of ambulance 4683 to Nazareth, which East Allen EMS purchased last September with grant money and a loan that they still owe $102,000 on; an average of $19,000 that they bring in each month from services and subscriptions; a $10,000 promissory note from Nazareth; and the sale of assets such as an extra stretcher they do not use and rehab equipment.

During questions from Solicitor Joe Piperato, Geist stated that East Allen EMS has not made any promises to Nazareth or any other third party pertaining to the real estate, but that they have not yet secured the contractual signatures needed from Nazareth.

With some confusion surrounding how East Allen EMS will come up with the $180,000 needed to stay afloat for six months, Geist clarified that they will only be indebted to Nazareth for $10,000 and will generate the rest of the funds by selling some equipment and scheduling non-emergency transports.

After an executive session, the board expressed disappointment from the recent amendments that were made to East Allen EMS’ bylaws, which removed the township from ownership of the organization’s assets in the event of a dissolution.

Piperato divulged that the board would not consider a six-month extension without having some guarantees and assurances in writing.

“The board wants to authorize me, as the solicitor, to take action against East Allen Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps in a way of a preliminary injunction, which would prohibit you from transferring any of your assets and also for a return of some of the donations that this township has made, which they believe were [accepted] under false pretenses,” said Piperato.

Piperato added that the township would require East Allen EMS to provide the township with the mortgage on the property to prevent it from being transferred to a third party without the authority of the township, an agreement that the executive board will amend its bylaws again to name the township as the beneficiary of the company’s assets in the event of a dissolution, and that ambulances 4681 and 4682 be transferred into the name of the township as well.

Aside from Vice Chairperson Mark Schwartz’ abstention, supervisors unanimously approved Piperato’s motion that by close of business on Wednesday, June 28, the township will possess documentation placing a lien on the property in favor of East Allen Township, along with appropriate documentation that either demonstrates that ambulances 4681 and 4682 are owned by East Allen Township or will be encumbered on the title as a lien holder in favor of the township. 

Supervisors also passed a motion to authorize Manager Green as the sole official that can make any changes with Northampton County 911 or notify any changes to Eastern PA EMS Council related to services for East Allen Township.

The next East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting will be held Wednesday, July 12 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building, located at 5344 Nor-Bath Blvd.


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