Dr. Donald Haff with violins, photo courtesy of Larry Oberly

Dr. Donald Haff- son of Dr. Charles Haff, founder of the Haff Hospital- was now the owner of the hospital. 

A Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania graduate, he was well educated to supervise the hospital. 

Dr. Haff married Ms. Dorothea Wilker, of Philadelphia. She was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Conrad Wilker. Mrs. Haff graduated from Allentown High School in 1930 and Cedar Crest College in 1934. They had three children- Donald, Andrea and Theodora. 

On March 21, 1950, the hospital parking lot and Laubach Avenue around the Haff home was filled with automobiles. Dr. Haff was having a concert in his home to honor his father, Dr. Charles Haff. What a cultural event the concert was for the Konkrete Borough! 

The doctor knew some members of the NBC String Quartet. Nationally known, they played concerts on Sunday mornings on NBC radio. 

NBC String Quartet, photo courtesy of Larry Oberly

The first violinist was Daniel Guilet. Born in France, he was a master violinist. Carlton Cooley played the viola. He formerly played for the Cleveland Orchestra. Second violin was Bernard Robbins, and Benar Heifetz, cellist, was formerly with the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

Violin duet by Mozart, photo courtesy of Larry Oberly

Mr. Scott Haff, great-grandson of the late Dr. Charles Haff, gave Mr. Oberly the music that was played at that memorable concert. The music included great classics by Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert- the best of classical music. They were assisted by composer and cellist Alan Shulman. Seventy-five guests enjoyed the wonderful concert. 

Dr. Haff and his father were both excellent violinists. 

This writer lived two blocks from the hospital but never was in the family home on East 21st Street. 

In researching the Haff family, this writer and Larry Oberly were surprised that Margie, Larry’s wife, was a classmate of Andrea Haff, one of Dr. Haff’s daughters. They were students at the Wolf building, now the Col. John Siegfried Elementary School. 

She relates, “We were in a class play, and I was invited to the home for practice. When I walked through the door, there was a beautiful stairway, exquisite molding and a complete library. A memory that stays with you for a lifetime.” 

This writer remembers Theodora, Dr. Haff’s other daughter. She was a student and graduate of Northampton High School. Her future husband was Gary Kellner, who was outstanding in football and track. He is a member of the Northampton High School Sports Hall of Fame. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Gary played wide receiver. The quarterback was Roger Staubach. Commander Kellner served the nation as a skilled fighter pilot. 

We will be closing the landmark hospital in two weeks. 


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