Last week the owners of Blue Moo Ice Cream Shop in Bath gave the community the scoop on the For Sale sign recently placed on the business’s front lawn. 

“After close to a decade of serving our community with passion and dedication, we have made the bittersweet decision to sell Blue Moo,” the Crocefoglias announced in a social media post. 

The Crocefoglias stated that while they are saddened to say goodbye to the restaurant, which has been a “labor of love” for the past nine years, they are filled with excitement as they embark on the next chapter in their lives- retirement. 

The community need not worry, however; the ice cream shop will continue to dish out the same service and quality during this transitional period. Blue Moo’s doors remain open and they’ll “continue to operate seamlessly.”  

“Our commitment to providing you with an exceptional experience remains unwavering until the new owners take the reins,” the social media post went on to say. 

The Crocefoglias ended their post by extending their gratitude towards the community for all their support and patronage throughout the years. 

“Thank you for being a cherished part of our journey. We invite you to join us in the coming weeks to celebrate the legacy of Blue Moo and create a few more memories together,” the Crocefoglias concluded. 

Blue Moo is located at 2693 Community Dr. in Bath. For hours of operation, visit or find them on Facebook at “Blue Moo Ice Cream Shop.”


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