Wyatt Selzer, left, with Wrenchtec owner Dave Fiore

“I’m beyond grateful that they are helping me,” said Wyatt Selzer.

Wyatt Selzer is an 18-year-old volunteer firefighter from Nazareth whose focus is to give back to his community.

“I’ve always felt happy when I help others,” said Selzer.

Selzer’s love for service became evident during the area’s last snow storm. He posted on Facebook offering to shovel any Nazareth Borough resident’s driveway, completely free of charge.

That Facebook post caught the eye of Brenda Basenese, the community liaison and advertising representative for Wrenchtec, the automotive repair shop on East Lawn Road in Nazareth. She was blown away by Selzer’s selfless offer, and wanted to figure out a way to give back to him.

“I called Dave Fiore, the owner of Wrenchtec, and said, ‘Dave, this kid is giving back to the community, this is everything Wrenchtec embraces, we need to do something for him,’” said Basenese.

Wrenchtec tries to give back to their neighbors whenever they get the chance, so to hear something like this was a no-brainer for them, they said.

Wrenchtec owner Dave Fiore agreed to the idea and the pair decided to offer Selzer a free oil change for his work in the community. Unfortunately though, that wasn’t going to work.

“Wyatt responded saying that he appreciated the offer but he didn’t have a car and was saving to buy one,” said Basenese.

“When I found out he doesn’t even have a car yet, I realized his act was even more selfless,” said Fiore.

Wrenchtec donated $1,000 to Selzer to kickstart his journey towards buying a car. Once the community of Nazareth caught wind of this, they wanted to step in too.

“People wanted to donate and give back to Wyatt,” said Basenese. “This kid has really touched the community.”

Selzer says the donations are almost at $1,500 and that it means the world to him.

“The fact that they want to help me just makes me extremely happy and grateful,” said Selzer.

Anyone interested in helping Selzer get a set of wheels can do so by dropping a check off at Wrenchtec, 20 E. Lawn Rd., Nazareth, or by donating through Venmo to “Wyatt-Selzer.”

“If he can do great things on foot, he can do even more with some transportation,” Fiore added.


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