On Monday, May 6, the Nazareth Borough Council honored the Blue Eagles football team with a resolution for their exceptionally successful 2023 championship season in which they won another district title over the undefeated Parkland High School football team, as well as victories over all but one conference opponent.

The resolution, presented by Mayor Lance E. Colondo, noted Coach Tom Falzone’s patient guidance for helping the team accomplish so much, both on and off the field, and that “despite the team’s quarterfinal loss, they remained on the field to salute their loyal fans and thank them for their continued support while showing respect for the coaching staff.”

During public comment, President Daniel R. Chiavaroli provided an update to residents about the parking problems near the high school. Chiavaroli expressed that council met with the police department and school board to discuss the issue where several possible solutions were pitched. However, nothing was decided at the meeting, so a second meeting will take place to continue the discussion.

Chiavaroli stated that the board intends to have a plan in place for the upcoming school year before it begins so that proper notification to residents, students and parents can be provided.

During regular agenda items listed under public property, the following motions were unanimously approved by council: the $38,480 payment to First Responder Flooring for the epoxy coating and painting of the firehouse floor; replacement of two doors at the firehouse at a cost of $8,745 and one door at the police station at a cost of $6,600; the conducting of one sensitivity, sexual harassment and child handling training session for newly hired pool employees; the hire of ENTECH Engineering to write the bid specifications for the library’s grant funded HVAC project; and permission for Evan Tamandl’s Eagle Scout project to establish an “orienteering course” on the hillside area of the park near the amphitheater next summer.

Additionally, council approved an agreement with the Memorial Library of Nazareth and Vicinity for coordination of the installation planning of a new heating plant in the facility to utilize their $250,000 Keystone Library Grant. The library will be required to match the funds for the project and will not include monetary assistance from the borough.

Under finance, two motions were unanimously approved for the acknowledgment of the submission of the third year annual report required by the U.S. Treasury Department for receipt of funds from the American Rescue Plan in the amount of $597,767.34 that was transferred into the borough’s 2023 operating budget, and for a six-month line of credit borrowing agreement with Nazareth Regional Ambulance Corps not to exceed $150,000 with interest paid at a rate of 0.25% above the monthly prevailing PLGIT class rate.

In other news, council unanimously approved two police items, including the hiring of Ryan Smith as a part-time police officer and a resolution certifying the borough’s submission of a Northampton County Public Safety Grant seeking funds for the purchase of a Selex Street Sentry License Plate Readers System at a cost of $22,478, which the borough will cover one-third of the cost for.

Under fire, council unanimously approved a $2,000 donation to Vigilance Hose Fire Company No. 1 to help subsidize the annual Nazareth Day fireworks display, which will be held at dusk on Saturday, July 20 in the Borough Park.

The fire chief’s report for the month of March included 33 calls for service for eight fire alarms, four wire problems, four motor vehicle accidents, two carbon monoxide alarms, two odor investigations, one tree down, one generic fire, one gas leak and 10 mutual aid calls for two fire alarms, two motor vehicle accidents, two dwelling fires, one structure fire, one vehicle fire, one brush fire and one commercial structure fire.

Under law, council unanimously approved three items, including designation for the zoning/code enforcement officer to maintain a current up-to-date register of all borough street addresses, advertisement of a revision to the borough’s disabled parking ordinance to permit motorists with a disability placard or plate to park in any designated handicapped parking space and advertisement of a revision to the borough’s street closures ordinance to permit council to designate an individual who will have authority to close streets due to construction, maintenance or special events and to require a permit application/approval for any street closure.

Next, council passed two environmental steering and lighting motions including the appointment of A.J. Ressler to fill the unexpired term of Harry Lance through Dec. 31, 2028, and the commission of Lehigh Valley Land Services to complete a $6,700 land survey of the borough-owned, 5.4-acre parcel on Gracedale Boulevard where a new recycling center is planned.

Last, under public works, council unanimously approved advertisement for the hiring of seasonal public works employees at a rate of $15 per hour.

The next Nazareth Borough Council workshop meeting will be held on Thursday, May 30 at 6 p.m. and the next regular monthly meeting will be held on Monday, June 3 at 6 p.m. at Borough Hall.


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