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In 1992, nitric oxide (NO) was recognized as the “Molecule of the Year” by Science Magazine. In 1998, a Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded based on discovering that nitric oxide was found to be a “signaling” molecule in the cardiovascular system. Simply put, nitric oxide was proven to help relax and dilate blood vessels, thereby lowering overall blood pressure levels. Astounding!

Before you come to my office to get nitric oxide, please know the problem; you just can’t take nitric oxide as an over-the-counter supplement. You need to take L-Arginine, which the body converts into nitric oxide. Without enough L-Arginine, your body will not make enough nitric oxide. Not good. A further problem is that as we age our production of L-Arginine levels decline, even by the age of 30!

I recommend L-Arginine to those with high blood pressure and who have had strokes, heart attacks, heart arrhythmias (a must!), cardiovascular disease, or any other associated cardiac deficiency. Because L-Arginine/ nitric oxide assists in blood vessel relaxing and improves blood flow, those with plaque and hardening of arteries should consider taking it every day for the rest of their lives. The benefits do not end there, let me explain.

Know that dilation and relaxation of blood vessels improves oxygenation and blood flow to every tissue of the body. Microcirculation is as important as anything else. Case in point is the healthy circulation required to achieve normal intimacy function for both men and woman. Those with erectile dysfunction should be taking L-Arginine every day! Know that pharmaceutical formulations are based on this L-Arginine/ nitric oxide physiology.

L-Arginine is also a big hit with athletes as it helps to get the blood and oxygen flowing throughout the body. Weightlifters use it prior to working out to get a serious pump! I routinely answer questions about the effectiveness in this area and endurance sports. It’s effective. It’s not even up for debate. The benefits of regularly consuming L-Arginine are numerous. On top of what I discussed, the list also includes: heart failure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, preventing atherosclerosis, and more.

Yes, I do take L-Arginine daily. The one that I have had the best results with all these years is Pro-Argi-9.  I take it in supplement form via a daily powder. Besides this specific source, arginine is also naturally occurring in my non-denatured protein powder that I use each morning. Raw almonds and seaweed such as spirulina are other great sources. If you’re thinking that I oftentimes discuss “wonder nutrients”, I would counter with the fact that if God made it, then it is a wonder nutrient. L-Arginine falls nicely into this category.

If you need assistance in determining which L-Arginine, or any supplement product for that matter, is good for you, please know that you can come by my office to discuss at no charge. Many already are aware that I allow individuals to come on Thursday afternoons to discuss any questions related to nutrition even if they aren”t current patients! All I ask is that the meeting is ten minutes or less. Some people drop in, yet if you want to reserve a specific time please call Shelly at 610-837-4444. If the schedule allows, it would be a pleasure to help you. My best to you.

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