gab over the fence

With all the things going on this summer, like I talked about last week, I forgot about the big Martin on Main event over Nazareth way on Saturday. It sure is great to hear the guitar music that comes out of there. A big crowd was on hand at the circle and on streets of downtown Nazareth to hear it.  They’ve been doing it for eight years now, and it seems to get better every year.  The Nazareth-Bath Area Chamber of Commerce is the big sponsor, so hats off to them and the folks at Martin Guitar, too! . . . . Here in town the BBCP put on another great duck race.  The weather was terrific and a nice crowd was there to watch all those little duckies float along. I didn’t win a prize, but it didn’t matter. Everybody had a fun time. The farmers’ market benefited from the race. With all the fruits and vegetables now being harvested, there was plenty for people to choose from at the market and there were lots of people shopping for ‘em, and all the other goodies they have over there. . . .Sweet corn and baked potato on the grill, along with a juicy steak, was one of the favorites on the back yard menu that had folks drooling over the weekend . . . . This Saturday, for dessert, Elmira and I will head up to Moorestown for some peach pie and ice cream. . . . Betty Fields has had more major surgery and is over at Gracedale right now. Let’s all give her a get-well card shower to cheer her up. . . .Good to see that real estate mogul and turkey farmer Dave Jaindl has kept the A-Treat soda business alive in the Valley. Never knew they had so many flavors, but cream is my favorite, with root beer second.   Just don’t drink all that soda while downing a load of popcorn. That didn’t sit too well with me in my young’un days. . . . Well, all good things come to an end. The Phillies lost their final game after beating the Braves in three out of four, for a 12-3 record after the All Star Game, and on Tuesday they went head to head with those L.A. Dodgers and former teammate Jimmy Rollins. Mets fans are jumping with joy now that they’ve tied the Nationals for first place in the NL East. . . Couple fishing buddies of mine went over to Leaser Lake when they saw that picture in the paper last week. They caught a 30-some inch muskie, I hear. . . . Elmira, will you please make another batch of iced tea?  It’s humid again! Groan!


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