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The Borough of Bath lost a true public servant this past week when Carl Rehrig passed away after a short illness.   He served a long time on Council and as Borough Secretary, and even was on the Bath Borough Authority and the Green Mount Cemetery board. He hadta use a walker in his last years, but Carl was always dressed well, and I’m sure wife Margie helped him plenty. Living to 97 is a ripe, old age and now “Spundy” will serve in the great beyond. As they say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” My sympathies to the family. . . . I hear Dick Anderson, who was a state game protector in the county for many years, has been in the Anderson Hospital down in Bethlehem Township. I hear it has been touch and go with him, so I wanta wish him a speedy recovery. . . .Also on the hospital list, Sipp from over at the Legion. He was in for some illness, and to complicate things broke his leg getting out of bed at the hospital. . . . The sidewalk and curb work for the handicappers has been going on all week along Walnut Street, but may be finished soon. . . .Things have cooled down since Monday, and it’s kinda refreshing.  Right on schedule, too, since fall begins this Wednesday, the 23rd ––– a nice time of year. . . .Looks like the Philadelphia Eagles are a disaster, and if they keep going the way they played the first two weeks, they may end up with a no-win season, and not a chance in you know what to make the playoffs.  Just like the Phillies, Chip Kelly and his cohorts gave away all the best players they had.  But that’s Philly sports, I reckon. . . . This is the last Friday that the Bath farmers market will be open this season, so go over there and see what they have in this year’s harvest. They’re having a celebration from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., with pumpkins in  a starring role . . .Elmira and Pete hafta get up to the Bushkill Township Fire Company next Friday, Oct. 2 when the St. Luke’s Hospital staff gives free flu shots. And besides that, we wanta hear what Marcia Hahn has to say on what state government is doing. . . . Congrats to all the local 4-Hers who won in the State Achievement Days at Penn State and the junior horse show in Centre Hall. They put in plenty of hard work to get those honors. Thanks to Jan Martin for telling us all about it. . . .Northampton and Nazareth high school football teams came out on the short end of scoring this past Friday,  but they’ll win more, I’m sure. Keep plugging, guys! . . . . Often wondered about my ancestors, and one way to get the info, I reckon, is the service they advertise on TV. Only trouble is you hafta use a computer to get it at, so that lets me out. . . .Might as well start raking leaves before they really come down. Enjoy the fall weather anyhow.


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