dr. clearie

by Dr. Glenn Clearie DC

A growing concern is the epidemic rate at which individuals are developing type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset diabetes. Clearly, lifestyle factors play a significant role. In more recent years the terms, metabolic syndrome, syndrome X, and pre-diabetes, have become synonymous with the collection of symptoms routinely seen before full blown diabetes manifests.

Often abnormal blood pressure, elevated glucose/sugar levels and extra weight, particularly in the middle, are seen. As the condition advances we are all aware of the trouble it can cause. Sustained levels of circulating sugar can “burn out” the glands, organs and tissues of the body. For some, it may affect the eyes. For others, they need to have toes, fingers or limbs removed.

One particular concern that seems to be on the rise is the problem diabetes causes to the feeling and function within the arms and legs. From my natural perspective, it appears that these cases are dramatically increasing in number and also increasing in severity.

Neuropathy is primarily considered a nerve issue that can lead to loss of balance, loss of sensation or increased sensation, pain, burning, tingling, weakness, throbbing, restlessness and so much more. While known as a nerve problem, the circulatory system is absolutely comprised which further compounds the problem.

Heart attacks, strokes, atrial fibrillation and a host of other complicating factors further sicken the individual. It is not uncommon for me to see these individuals with a chest full of drugs they are taking daily. As an aside, drugs have been shown to actually cause neuropathy…

Diabetic neuropathy is a treatable problem. For some, the improvements can be dramatic; for others, less so. Nevertheless, improving the health of the body is a foundational step that must be taken. Any program must: do no harm, address each person’s unique circumstances, improve circulation, reduce toxicity, lessen inflammation, restore proper nerve flow, balance hormones, improve strength and stamina and, as is often the case, assist with returning the individual to a well-balanced social and emotional state.

I have yet to see any such all-natural, holistic approach to addressing peripheral neuropathy generally, and diabetic neuropathy specifically. I have dedicated my life to change that. As more and more individuals are aware that options to healing exist far beyond what drug companies would have us to believe, I feel we can reverse this slippery slope of epidemic lifestyle diseases.

Know that healing comes from within and not from a pill or potion. While you may feel you are too far along to benefit from implementing various lifestyle changes, think again. Healing, health, vigor and vitality can be yours once again. It may take time and effort, but you are worth it.


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