gab over the fence

Thanksgiving Day was enjoyed by so many families as they watched or attended high school, college and NFL football games and then sat down to dinner for a feast of turkey, ham or whatever Mom made for all her loved ones. Thanksgiving Eve was celebrated up at Emmanuel’s Lutheran Church in their new fellowship hall on Wednesday night. As I wished for, there was a full moon and they had a packed house. It was a great service of singing and music by the church’s hand bell choir and musicians, including Pastor Barry Mitchell on the guitar. . . .On Thanksgiving Day, too, Northampton’s Konkrete Kids had a whale of a football game and beat the Catasauqua Rough Riders on the new Al Erdosy Stadium turf. All in all, the whole Thanksgiving holiday was a fun and prayerful time for everyone. A great holiday in the year! . . . . The weather on so-called Black Friday was nice and warm, so shoppers turned out by the thousands to get their gift buying in early for the coming Christmas Eve. I wasn’t one of them, ‘cause as usual I’m a procrastinator who waits until the last minute. . . .The Bath Lions waited until Saturday, even though rain was predicted, to do the tree decorating down at Monocacy Creek Park. Fortunately for them, it didn’t rain. There was a big crowd for Sunday night’s tree lighting ceremony at the park, and it wasn’t all that cold, like November weather usually is, but wearing a winter jacket helped. Everybody was in a holiday spirit, getting ready for Christmas. This is an exciting time of the year, no doubt about it. . . . I hear Dennis Keithan,  a.k.a. Mr. Snowman, almost had his car towed away when it was in a “No Parking” area that was set up. But he stopped it ‘cause the car was loaded with donuts for the lighting ceremony. . . .I hear the Northampton Memorial Community Center has a new name – Northampton Banquet and Event Center. That’s what they do, so the name makes sense. . . .The cement borough had their Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Sunday night, too, and Santa Claus must have a twin or a helper, ‘cause he was there, too, to greet the kiddies. . . . Deer season with rifles opened on Monday. It was nice weather for the first day, but I hear there’s some rain in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday (heavy at times), but no snow ‘cause it’s still a bit warm for November and December. . . . It’s supposed to be real nice on Saturday for the big Governor Wolf Historical Society House Tour, and that should make the homeowners happy, as well as all their visitors!  See you then!


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