dr. clearie

I have two dogs. One is our older and adorable poodle mix, the other is our younger guard dog named Queenie. Queenie will eat just about everything. I have witnessed her eat shoelaces, plastic, deer poop, tree roots, dirt, mulch, sneakers, dish towels, furniture, sheet rock and so much more. My wife is not too happy with this, yet that is a story for another time…

Perhaps one of the most bizarre things I have witnessed in regards to my dog is not so much what she will eat, but what she will not eat. Again, my dog, given the chance, will consume everything and anything. So the fact that she will not eat the following item should make all of us steer clear… Can anyone guess what it is? It’s bread of course! If she gets a hold of food, she will eat all around but leave the bread. It amazes me every time.

To confirm this, I pulled our 100% whole wheat, organic bread from our pantry. I took the freshest part of the slice and waved it in the air at my Queenie. She came running as fast as she could. As her eyes focused on the item I was holding and gave a sniff, she immediately lost interest. I then tossed the bread on the ground in front of her. Now she did in fact sniff it again once it lay in front of her, but she did not eat it. She didn’t even lick it. She looked at me as if to say, “I am not eating this stuff. What else do you have?”

Now I have fooled her by putting peanut butter on the bread. Queenie will of course eat that combination, yet not bread alone. If my dog will not eat the bread but will eat everything else, maybe, just maybe, we should rethink what we are putting in our bodies.

I have seen lives and health ruined by bread products that are devoid of nutrients. I have seen lives and health improved by the removal of bread. It’s as simple as that. Bread truly isn’t good for us. Clearly not in the amount we take in daily. Cereal for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and pasta for dinner is essentially the same thing…it just looks different. At the end of the day, grain/bread-like products are not providing the various nutrients we need and may actually be forcing things into our bodies that make us sicker. Case in point is the much talked about gluten, which can start an auto-immune response and left unchecked, lead to auto-immune disease.

I know, I know, it’s hard to remove bread from our diets, especially this time of year. If you’re not totally able or desiring to remove completely, why not just reduce to half and see how you feel? Remember to have more vegetables. Don’t just go get “organic” or “gluten free” bread.

Please remember that if Queenie won’t touch it, maybe we all should think twice.


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