dr. clearie

by Dr. Clearie

The world is aflame with demands on our time, talents and treasure. If we are not careful this can be stolen from us, perhaps we may even give it away. Don’t allow this to happen.

Oftentimes, before you know it, you are doing much more than you should. Maybe your kid’s schedule is throwing the family off balance. It may be serving on a local church board, coaching for a youth team, working overtime, or so many other things that fill our schedule. None of us are immune.

Clearly we have many hats to wear and a lot of responsibility these days. So much is vying for our attention that imbalances soon arise. What is interesting is that imbalances may remain for an extremely long time and have a negative impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing long before we do anything about it. Why is this?

I believe there comes a point in each of our lives when we say enough is enough and what really matters in life becomes glaringly obvious. Oftentimes it is a crisis; either small or large that sets us straight. I know this to be true, as over many years of caring for others I have heard this as a common theme. It has occurred in my life as well.

In the beginning it appears as though earning a living is an utmost priority and understandably so. After years in the work force it becomes more about time. It is this awareness that time is most precious and we begin to strive to restore balance in our lives.

Having proper balance in life begets greater optimism, a greater zeal for life and overall better health. It is a natural desire to seek balance in all areas of our lives. I cannot recall anyone seeking frustration, anger, pessimism, anxiety, or illness.

One of the first steps to reclaiming what is rightfully yours is to make an honest list of what is truly important to you. Not what’s important to your spouse, parents, children, employer, or anyone else. What is important to you? Know here and now that you only have so many heartbeats. Use them wisely.

Once this initial list is done, make another that has all the imbalances you feel are infiltrating your life. Then compare these two lists for where you can simply begin to make changes. These changes do not need to be made overnight, yet slowly beginning the process gives you empowerment that fuels and feeds your soul. Take my word for it that you will be happier, smiling a lot more and maybe, just maybe, catching yourself singing again.

I have decided that balance in my life is a worthy goal; I wish it for you as well.

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