gab over the fence

That was some nasty weather on Sunday. Strong winds and rain messed up a lotta plans for folks planning events outdoors. If there were things going on both Saturday and Sunday, they got one day out of it anyhow. But that’s the way it goes sometimes when you make outdoor plans. Happily, Monday was really nice again, so the NASCAR race resumed  in the Poconos. . . .I wanted to get down to the farmers market on Friday to see if there were any strawberries for sale, but didn’t make it. I hafta remember this Friday while they’re still in season. . . . Salem Church up Moorestown way is gonna have a strawberry festival on Saturday. Maybe I’ll have strawberry shortcake on Friday and strawberries and ice cream on Saturday. “That oughta satisfy your sweet tooth,” Elmira says. I see they’re not taking a chance with rain. If it showers, the food is moving indoors. . . . Hey, Gigi, what were those three turkey buzzards looking for when they walked around in your front yard last Saturday morning?   There’s usually up to 25 of those big black birds that fly and glide around down along North Walnut Street, but this is the first time I saw ‘em on the ground. . . . Congratulations for the honor you had for 65 years of placing the crown of flowers on the statue of Mary in the Sacred Heart Church each May. As your friend Betty Fields says, it has been a memorable occasion all these years. P.A.K. from Bath, Pa. is looking down on you from Heaven with a smile on his face. . . .This Monday, June 6, was a reminder of some somber times – first with “D-Day” when more than 4,400 troops died in the Normandy invasion of World War II in 1944, and then on the same day 50 years later when three people were killed in a robbery of the East Allen Township branch of the First National Bank of Bath. As President Roosevelt had said about Dec. 7, 1941 in World War II, June 6,1994 will be remembered by us as “a day of infamy.” Our best wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors. . . . Looks like 512 paving work is going on north of here, and trucks were all lined up for loads at the blacktop plant. . . . Phillies split with the Milwaukee Brewers, but have run into a road block with the hot Chicago Cubs, managed by a Hazleton native. . . .Ye Ed offers “Happy Birthday” wishes to Betty G. and June M. this month of June. . . . Looks like there may be some remodeling work going on, now that the Turn-In is closed and under a new owner. . . .It has been said that now that gas prices are down to about $2.35 a gallon there would be more folks taking long distance vacations.  Doesn’t seem that low to me.  I know my Essex doesn’t get many miles to a gallon, and can’t make it to more than a lake up in the Poconos.  So I reckon that’s about it for the Pete and Elmira sojourn. Oh well, vas komma do?


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